Recap of 2023

The year 2023 marked an extraordinary chapter, with Partisia Blockchain achieving significant milestones and goals, particularly in the realm of multiparty computation (MPC) and privacy preservation. In 2024, our focus shifts to a broader outreach – connecting with those who are integral not just to our growth but to its very architecture, relying on our infrastructure. Watch our year-end review featuring various team members.

Expanding BYOC portfolio and more

The introduction of the Bring Your Own Coin (BYOC) framework, allowed the community to propose and vote on diverse tokens for transaction fees, with ETH, Polygon USDC, and BNB as initial additions with more to come in 2024. Jurisdiction management 1.0 has been launched, enabling developers to stay compliant with data regulations, such as the GDPR. We have also introduced the Partisia Blockchain “Browser” for enhanced MPC20 and BYOC token management, along with more flexible staking rulesets for easier node provider staking. Additionally, our MPC technology is revolutionizing elections with the unified public and private voting system, showcased at the Paris Blockchain Week Awards through, ensuring accurate, private, and transparent elections on the Partisia Blockchain.

Stellar partnerships and creator economy

In 2023, Partisia Blockchain forged groundbreaking partnerships and achieved notable milestones. The integration with MetaMask Snaps in September marked a pivotal moment, enhancing user experiences for over 100 million individuals and enabling seamless transaction signing. This milestone supports the development of innovative cross-blockchain solutions such as BYOC and MPC-as-a-service, with plans to onboard USDT and MATIC through the Hermes bridge.

In collaboration with HES-SO Valais-Wallis, Partisia is pioneering a decentralized e-ID system in Switzerland, aligning with Swiss values of privacy and addressing concerns over the e-ID Act. The launch of the first dApp, Blockchain-Ads, on the Partisia mainnet signifies a commitment to user empowerment and privacy, utilizing multiparty computation (MPC) for data monetization aligned with privacy preservation. Additionally, Partisia Blockchain introduced, a groundbreaking platform for content creators, leveraging Web3 and cryptocurrency for monetization and eliminating third parties from the monetization process, fostering a direct peer-to-peer network for creators and consumers.

Growing ecosystem and grants

In the second half of 2023, Partisia Blockchain launched a Grants Program, distributing over 2 million $MPC tokens (valued at US$1 million) to innovative figures in the blockchain sector. Setting itself apart from other privacy blockchains, Partisia’s secure MPC technology enables regulatory compliance, auditability, and diverse use cases, addressing challenges such as MEV attacks and safeguarding DAO voting integrity. Amid unpredictable market conditions, the Partisia Blockchain ecosystem thrived, attracting over 100 new leads and onboarding more than a dozen robust projects in 2023.

A year of connections and insights

In 2023, Partisia Blockchain made significant strides in the blockchain industry, featuring prominently at key events. Notable highlights included a private voting demo at Paris Blockchain Week, emphasizing innovation and privacy. At Token2049, vital discussions with potential collaborations, while sponsoring the IoTex event showcased an interoperability model. Participation in CV Summit facilitated networking with established organizations, and D3 Bahamas saw insights from Shirly Valge on institutional hurdles in Web3 adoption. Additionally, engagements with Blockchain Association Singapore, Cardano Summit 2023, Google Web3 Is Happening, and Next Block Expo in Berlin further solidified Partisia Blockchain’s presence and partnerships in the blockchain landscape.

A new visual identity

In a November rebranding, Partisia Blockchain revealed a new visual identity, reflecting our commitment to transforming enterprise blockchain and individual privacy. The updated website features dedicated sections for privacy-focused projects, and the new logo emphasizes people-centric innovation. This refreshed brand identity aligns with our mission for real-world adoption across various sectors, inviting exploration of the expanding ecosystem and the transformative potential of MPC technology for privacy-driven blockchain solutions on our website.

Increasing collective skillset

In 2023, Partisia Blockchain witnessed substantial team growth, strategically expanding its leadership to drive innovation and community engagement. In spring, Bakyt Azimkanov assumed the role of Head of Communications, contributing extensive experience from the Cardano Foundation in strategic communications. Simultaneously, Tiago Serôdio joined as the Head of Community, leveraging over a decade of experience, notably from his role at the Cardano Foundation. In October, Shirly Valge became our Chief of Growth, bringing a decade of disruptive technologies and business development expertise. Mathias Glintborg was appointed as Head of Product, overseeing MPC and blockchain solutions for DeFi, data sharing, and digital identity. Finally, Maria Cocu and Alexander Pombo joined as Community Growth and Engagement Associate and Adoption Officer, respectively, enhancing outreach and fostering connections within diverse sectors, demonstrating Partisia Blockchain’s commitment to leadership excellence and top-tier talent acquisition.

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