Partisia Blockchain unveils a new brand

ZUG, 8 NOVEMBER 2023. Partisia Blockchain, a trailblazer in the world of blockchain technology, has embarked on a transformative rebranding journey, fortifying its visual identity, logo and refreshing its website. This strategic initiative, a collaborative endeavor with the renowned Irish creative studio Big+Bold, was undertaken to solidify Partisia Blockchain for its upcoming launch and the establishment of pivotal partnerships, marking a seismic shift in the demand of blockchain technology for enterprise, institutions, and government entities.

The meticulous brand reappraisal has positioned Partisia Blockchain as the eminent destination for privacy-conscious organizations, poised to have a profound and enduring impact on the domains of enterprise blockchain and individual privacy.

The Partisia Blockchain website has undergone a transformation, signaling the imminent introduction of new features, the on-chain launch of projects, the diversification of our community, and a warm welcome to institutional users who are preparing to embrace the blockchain.

In an era of groundbreaking computational concepts, Partisia Blockchain’s new logo reaffirms our commitment to people-centric innovation, emphasizing the human dimension in our technological pursuits. This visual symbol serves as a beacon, guiding our path toward building solutions that resonate with and empower individuals at the core of our mission.

Kurt Nielsen, President and Co-Founder of Partisia Blockchain, says:

“Our new logo is more than just an emblem. It is a statement of our unwavering dedication to human-centered innovation. In a world of intricate technological concepts, our logo reminds us that our ultimate goal is to serve and empower people through our cutting-edge solutions. It is a symbol that encapsulates our mission and values, embodying the profound connection between technology and humanity. The new logo not only reflects the evolution of Partisia Blockchain but also underlines our commitment to transparency, accessibility, and innovation, placing people at the forefront of our brand identity.”

This refreshed brand identity serves to reinforce Partisia Blockchain’s unique position as an organization that prioritizes real-world adoption through practical use cases, empowering value creation through the twin principles of privacy protection and transparency.

Bakyt Azimkanov, Head of Communications at Partisia Blockchain, says:

“Our collaboration with Big+Bold has been an endeavor of mutual benefit, culminating in a comprehensive brand reappraisal that positions us seamlessly for our upcoming expansion and the anticipated surge in adoption. The significance of branding cannot be overemphasized; it is the linchpin for driving value and attracting institutional players to our ecosystem. We believe that our reimagined brand positioning will resonate across a diverse spectrum of users seeking privacy solutions, including government and public sector entities, healthcare and pharmaceutical corporations, financial services, and beyond.”

The refreshed visual identity not only underscores our unwavering dedication to our core mission but also reaffirms our commitment to establishing a Web3 infrastructure devoid of a single point of trust, enabling the secure use of both public and private information across all platforms. This unparalleled capability is fortified by our groundbreaking multiparty computation (MPC), a technology offering unrivaled privacy protection, interoperability, and scalability.

David Nurse, Managing Director at Big+Bold, says:

“Partisia Blockchain’s unique solution for preserving privacy sets it apart in the world of Web3 organizations. As a fourth generation blockchain harnessing groundbreaking secure multiparty computation (MPC) technology, the brand must effectively communicate its exceptional features, including innovation, interoperability, and scalability. Our overarching goal was to future proof Partisia Blockchain’s brand, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with its core mission and is fully equipped to lead the way into the future.”

Partisia Blockchain extends an open invitation to developers, enterprise users, and the broader community to explore our expanding ecosystem and experience firsthand the transformative potential of MPC technology.

About Partisia Blockchain: Partisia Blockchain brings unparalleled opportunities by empowering privacy-preserving, interoperable and sustainable innovation for fairness and transparency. It fuels the most secure and efficient networks to solve global problems. Distilled with 35 years of rigorous research, Partisia Blockchain future-proofs solutions, solves tomorrow’s challenges by powering fair, secure, distribution of benefits. While preserving privacy and confidentiality, it brings accountable, transparent and decentralized governance. Learn more:

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