Press Kit

Your portal to the official Partisia Blockchain brand assets. Use these resources and guides to deploy the Partisia Blockchain brand correctly and consistently.

Brand guidelines

Represent the Partisia Blockchain brand in the best light. By adhering to these guidelines, you align with best practices, streamline your work, and provide a seamless experience for your audience.

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Blockchain logo

Our logo is a symbol of our commitment to blockchain transparency and security. Let’s work together to maintain its integrity and clarity.

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The MPC token logo

The MPC token logo is a testament to our blockchain’s value and potential. Integrating it into your materials allows you to leverage this value and establish a stronger connection with our shared audience.

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Illustrations and infographics

Leverage our set of illustrations and infographics to simplify complex blockchain concepts. They can help you align with our brand’s aesthetic and enhance the effectiveness of your communications, ensuring clarity and engagement for your audience.

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Typography is more than just letters. Using our official typefaces ensures alignment with the Partisia Blockchain brand and elevates your content’s professionalism and coherence.