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Why Partisia Blockchain?

Deliver total privacy, scalability, and interoperability to your users.

Multiparty computation

MPC is the ultimate endgame for
zero-knowledge tech. Build blockchain-powered solutions for parties of any size thanks to our secure multiparty computation (MPC) technology.

Private data ownership

Offer exceptional privacy for a user-owned Web 3.0. Unlock a massive array of new use cases on blockchain for your users to allow them complete control and ownership over their private data.

Unprecedented speed and scalability

Use sharding from day one to enable unprecedented speed and scalability. Work across blockchains with our secure and innovative token bridge environment.

Discover Partisia Blockchain’s ecosystem

Our ecosystem grows continuously as more partners and developers leverage the combined power of multiparty computation and blockchain technology. Explore how others use Partisia Blockchain and start building your own applications.

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Become a Partisia Blockchain Validator

Earn the digital asset of your choice by securing the network and performing advanced computations for Partisia Blockchain.

Earn liquid coins

Get rewarded with liquid digital assets used for payment, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, by securing the network with MPC tokens.

The MPC token

Bring-your-own coin

  • Pay transactions directly with liquid coins like BTC and ETH.
  • Claim node operator rewards in the currency used as payment.
  • Nodes involved in zero-knowledge (ZK) computations share the revenue.

Staking and guarantees

  • Node operators buy MPC tokens to stake.
  • Different types of nodes—such as baker, ZK computation, and BYOC nodes—require different stakes.
  • Stakes function as additional insurance against objective fraud.
  • Users buy more stakes (as insurance).

Decoupled token model

  • With BYOC, the MPC token is not a means of payment.
  • Instead, the means of payment and store of value are mutually exclusive.
  • The store of value supports the guarantees from staking.

Supported assets and blockchains

We aim to support all liquid coins throughout the entire ecosystem, with support for more blockchains on the way.