Partisia Blockchain Foundation

The Partisia Blockchain Foundation is the independent not-for-profit organization behind the Partisia Blockchain. We are in Zug, Switzerland, and supervised by Swiss authorities.

Our mission

Our mission is to establish a Web3 infrastructure with no single point of trust for generic coordination of public and private information, suitable for all applications and platforms.


We protect data, no matter where it is: at rest, in transit, and in use.


We facilitate value and data transfer across all platforms through decentralized control and privacy.

High Performance

Scalable public and private coordination of information ensures high performance.

Greater Good

Partisia Blockchain is an infrastructure for the global greater good.

Built by world-leading cryptographers

Founders of the companies Partisia and Instars established the Partisia Blockchain Foundation in 2020. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from cryptography, computer science, and business. They draw on the expertise of experts and developers from Partisia and elsewhere working under arms-length agreements for the Partisia Blockchain Foundation.


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Leadership team

Kurt Nielsen

Co-Founder and President of the Foundation Council

Kurt holds a PhD in Economics and co-founded Partisia, Sepior, and Partisia Blockchain. He is an experienced entrepreneur and business developer who has turned advanced cryptography solutions into innovative high-tech businesses for over 15 years.

Peter F. Frandsen

Co-Founder, CTO and Member of the Foundation Council

Peter is a co-founder of Partisia and Partisia Blockchain. He has over 20 years of experience managing people and projects in the software development industry, including at Vestas, Rambøll Management Consulting and Partisia.

Brian Gallagher

Co-Founder, Member of the Foundation Council

Brian pioneered architecting and incorporating multiparty computation into blockchain use cases. His first demonstration of this innovation was as co-founder of, one of the world’s largest blockchain-powered social networks with over 250,000 verified users. was the first to merge multiparty computation with blockchain to give users ownership and control over data.

Jakob Pagter

Member of the Foundation Council

Jakob is a PhD in Computer Science and a co-founder of Partisia, Sepior, and Partisia Blockchain. He has 20 years of experience developing advanced security solutions based on multiparty computation and other cryptographic techniques.

Hinrich Pfeifer

Chief Operating Officer

Hinrich spent two years building and leading the Cardano Foundation after spending more than a decade in the finance industry at UBS. He has a track record of building and leading global teams and executing growth and adoption strategies for the Cardano Foundation and UBS. Hinrich is poised to scale up Partisia Blockchain as a premier layer 1 and layer 2 blockchain.

Ivan Damgård

Professor, Chief Cryptographer at

Ivan is a Professor of Cryptography at Aarhus University. He is a co-founder of Cryptomathic, Partisia, and Sepior and is one of the top-cited researchers in cryptography. Ivan is a fellow of the IACR and received the 2015 RSA Award for Excellence in the Field of Mathematics.

Jesper Buus Nielsen

Professor, Chief Cryptographic System Designer at

Jesper is a Professor of Computer Science at Aarhus University. He co-founded Partisia and Sepior and is one of the most cited researchers in secure multiparty computation and distributed consensus.

Claudio Orlandi

Professor, Chief Cryptographic Protocol Designer at

Claudio is a Professor of Computer Science at Aarhus University. He co-founded Partisia Infrastructure and is a leading researcher on secure multiparty computation and zero-knowledge protocols.

Peter Bogetoft

Professor and Chief Economist

Peter is a Management Science and Microeconomics Professor at Copenhagen Business School. He has extensive experience in consultancy from numerous projects in European and US industries and governments on incentives, contracting, regulation, auctions, and benchmarking.

Foundation team

Bakyt Azimkanov

Head of Communications

Bakyt is an award-winning communications leader and seasoned journalist. He built his expertise working for renowned media houses like the BBC World Service, Thomson Reuters, and Radio Free Europe. He has since led communications teams at Cardano and EY, among others. Bakyt has received numerous accolades, including the European Union Scholarship and the George Soros Open Society Institute Scholarship. He holds two Master’s degrees in Business and Financial Journalism, and in Communications and Media Studies.

Tiago Serôdio

Chief Community Engagement Officer

Tiago is a seasoned blockchain and marketing expert specializing in scaling Web3 communities. His work helped OCCAM.FI achieve a market cap of over $40 million within minutes of its IDO and significant community growth for the Cardano Foundation. Throughout his career, he has helped promote transparency, cooperation, and trust. He holds an MSc in Neuropsychology from Universidad da Maia and an audio engineering degree from SAI Institute North America.

Shirly Valge

Chief of Growth

Shirly is an experienced professional in disruptive technologies and business development. She held key positions at various organizations where she played a pivotal role in building and expanding the scope. Shirly is a recognized growth driver and her distinguished credentials reflect her commitment to the industry, with her Forbes 30 under 30 nomination in 2021 and numerous keynote addresses at major industry events.

Dan Zaitsev

Head of Marketing

Danylo Zaitsev is a marketing executive with 20 years of experience. At Partisia Blockchain, Danylo leads marketing efforts, bringing his expertise to drive innovation and growth in the blockchain. A Ukrainian-born Danylo has been in the technology and startup sector for almost 10 years and has helped numerous businesses grow from zero. He has earned several certifications in addition to his degree in Information Technology from the Dnipro University of Technology.

Mathias Glintborg

Head of Product

Mathias has developed deep expertise in blockchain, decentralized finance, digital identity, and privacy-preserving technology. He has lived and worked in cities worldwide, including Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Zug, and Copenhagen. His technical insight and global perspective give him a powerful and unique approach to helping clients integrate Partisia Blockchain into their operations. He holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Aarhus University and an MSc in International Business from Hult International Business School.

Bruce Ahn

Head of Adoption

Bruce has dedicated his career to integrating technology, culture, and people to transform businesses. He has an unwavering commitment to servant leadership, expressed through fostering stakeholder collaboration. During his tenure at New York Life Insurance Company, he delivered large and complex technology upgrades and a range of new products. His work at Partisia Blockchain focuses on building organizational infrastructure to support dApp partners.

Maria Cocu

Community Growth and Engagement Associate

Maria Cocu has experience in client relationship management, community building, overseeing marketing initiatives, including IDO platform marketing campaign from ideation to execution. She builds communities and advises on effective tactics and methodologies. Through her experience in Web3 industry, she connects users with solutions, grows communities and expands the geographic reach. Maria holds a double degree in Marketing and Tourism from the King Juan Carlos University in Madrid.

Alexander Pombo

Adoption Officer

Alexander Pombo focuses on bringing Web2 organizations onto Partisia Blockchain. Having researched the usage of blockchain and MPC technology in e-voting for his Master’s thesis, Alexander connects public institutions and corporations with our unique solutions. In addition to his Master’s degree in Political Sciences, Alexander specialized in Slavic Studies and Languages.

Infrastructure team

Jesper Balman Gravgaard

Vice President of Engineering

Jesper has extensive experience with successfully creating and operating complex software. His previous position was as a director responsible for development, operations, sales and marketing at the leading SaaS products—SurveyXact and Heart&Mind. He was responsible for thousands of customers and millions of users. He is passionate about programming languages and compilers. He has previously created a high-level modelling language for real-time systems, a DSL for filters and queries in datasets, and—most recently—a C-compiler for the MOS6502 CPU. Jesper is also an external examiner on computer science for MSc / Bachelor of Engineering examinations in Denmark.

Mark Medum Bundgaard

Head of Product

Mark is a dynamic product officer focused on platform development, blockchain, and distributed computing at Partisia. Previously, Mark was head of engineering at Toit and Tribe Architect at Danske Bank, where he worked with AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, and hybrid cloud computing. He holds an MSc from Aarhus University.

Emil Bremer Orloff

Principal Engineer, Partner

Emil is a primary software developer in the advanced cryptography and zero knowledge fields. He has engineered all the recent protocols developed on Partisia, including the MACE protocol and the core of the privacy blockchain infrastructure.

Zahra Jafargholi

Cryptography Engineer

Zahra is an experienced cryptographic protocol and multiparty computation researcher. She holds a PhD in Computer Science from Northeastern University, Boston.

Esben Overlund Andersen

Senior Software Developer

Esben is an experienced senior consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Esben’s experience and capabilities have been fundamental in Partisia’s solutions because he ensures visual and technical quality. He has worked on all parts of the software stack—from the protocol to the user interface.

Jesenko Mehmedbašić

Senior Software Developer

Jesenko is a passionate software developer with broad experience. He has strong analytical skills and develops simple and solid solutions to complex problems. He works in many languages, including Rust, which implements performance-critical applications. He has implemented network stacks in different programming languages and frameworks, such as Java, SPDZ, Lowgear in Rust, and a TypeScript Mace frontend.

Martin Messell

Senior Software Developer

Martin is a software developed focused on solutions based on cryptographic protocols and techniques. He has implemented zero-knowledge proofs and other protocols and is interested in multiparty computation’s inner workings and uses. He is a core developer on Partisia Blockchain.

Anders Peter Kragh Dalskov

Cryptographic Engineer

Anders is a software developer with extensive experience implementing fast, secure, multiparty protocols focused on machine learning. He holds a PhD in cryptography from Aarhus University. His research focused on efficient and practical solutions that use secure multiparty computation protocols for machine learning tasks.

Casper Roursgaard Christensen

Software Developer

Casper has extensive experience and interest in developing software applications. He is our lead expert in establishing and maintaining the governance layer on the Partisia Blockchain.

Tue Thusbøll Holst

Cryptographic Engineer

Tue is an experienced software developer with a master’s degree from Aarhus University, specialising in cryptography. Tue has worked professionally with software development for more than five years from different angles. Tue has previously worked on cryptographic solutions for banking systems and similar cryptographic solutions, bringing these capabilities to work on the Partisia Blockchain.

Tomas Toft

Senior Software Developer

Tomas is an expert in applying secure multiparty computation and specialises in using it in mathematical programming, such as Linear Programming problems. He co-founded Partisia and has worked on designing and implementing multiparty computation protocols for advanced benchmarking. He was previously an assistant professor of cryptography at the University of Aarhus.

Janus Friis Nielsen

Senior Software Developer

Janus is an expert in applying secure multiparty computation and secure computation in general. He was a senior security architect at the Alexandra Institute before joining Sepior. He has a PhD from Aarhus University and has written many fun iOS applications.

Dan Lund Christensen

Senior Software Developer

Dan is an expert in applying secure multiparty computation and was part of the team that developed its first practical application. He co-founded Partisia and Sepior, where he worked with multiparty computation innovation, design, architecture, and implementation. He previously worked at the Alexandra Institute, where he helped companies adopt new cryptographic solutions.

Thomas Pelle Jakobsen

Senior Software Developer

Thomas has ten years of experience with software architecture and applied cryptography. He has a PhD in computer science from Aarhus Univerity and co-founded Partisia and Sepior, and works as a full-time software developer at the latter. Previously, Thomas worked at the Alexandra Institute, where he helped companies adopt new cryptographic solutions.

Morten Værum

Senior Software Architect

Morten is a mediocre guitar player and singer. Thankfully, he has 15 years of experience with cryptography, bioinformatics, and general software architecture. Morten previously worked at CLC bio and has worked extensively with performance optimisation, scalability, API design, and product maturation. Before that, he worked at Cryptomathic. Morten has an MSc in computer science from Aarhus University.

Michael Bæksvang Østergaard

Senior Security Engineer

Michael has worked with many aspects of IT security, from cryptography to penetration testing, and has several years of experience with IT operations. Before joining Sepior, Michael worked with IT security, system administration, and software development at Miracle. Michael holds a PhD in computer science from Aarhus University.

Torben Lauritzen

Senior Software Engineer

Torben has software development experience from various businesses in industries such as bioinformatics, health, and currency trading. He has previously worked at Aarhus University, CLC bio (now Qiagen), CSC (now DCX), and Danske Bank. These experiences allowed him to work with the entire stack—databases, backend, frontend, deployment, and operations. Torben holds an MSc in computer science from Aarhus University.

Allan Linnau

Senior Software Developer

Allan is a seasoned software developer with a long history across many projects. He is building applications for privacy-preserving statistical analysis instilling privacy by design into our systems. His capabilities range in software development over multiparty computations, DevOps, CI/CD, Domain Driven Design, and REST. Allan’s passion is to design SOLID software with high standards for code quality, and he has high ambitions for the software Partisia ships.

Kristian Rose Schmidt Hu

Community Manager

Kristian is passionate about translating esoteric technical information into simple language. His technical writing makes Partisia’s core concepts and technologies more widely known and understood. Kristian helps node operators and external developers through documentation to gain access to the many exciting features and new opportunities presented by Partisia’s privacy blockchain technology.

Jon Michael Aanes

Software Developer

Jon is a software developer with a solid programming language theory and compiler implementation background. He has an MSc from Aarhus University. Jon is part of the core language team, ensuring the utility, strength, and performance of Partisia Blockchain’s various language backends.

Applications team

Vinson Leow

Head of Growth

Vinson is a blockchain infrastructure investor and advisor. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of New South Wales and is the Founder of 3Suite, CRT Labs, and Chargeasap, and the Head of Growth at Partisia Blockchain. With a successful track record of raising over $15 million across 11 campaigns, he actively contributes to developing web3 solutions and fosters ecosystem growth through strategic partnerships and mentorship roles.

Amana Goldie

Marketing Associate

Amana is a dedicated and ambitious digital marketing professional. She has a strong foundation in digital marketing, project management, communication, and problem-solving. She excels at managing diverse responsibilities and adapting to changing circumstances. At Partisia Blockchain, Amana leverages her expertise in digital marketing to drive brand awareness and engagement.

Thomas Powers

Chief Technical Officer of Applications

Thomas is the Lead Developer for Partisia Applications. He has over ten years of experience working in fintech and blockchain-related projects. His primary focus is creating a smooth and easy user experience when interacting with Partisia Blockchain.

Dmitrii Cretu

Head of Design

Dmitrii is a highly skilled UX/UI lead focusing on designing meaningful interfaces, developing scalable design systems, and building effective design teams. As the Head of Design at Partisia Blockchain, he crafts user-centred, data-driven solutions to address user problems. Dmitrii has worked as a visual & motion designer for companies like Lisk and Insights Network, where he created animated videos, designed web pages, and produced various visual content for marketing purposes.

Damir Demirovic

Lead DevOps Engineer

Damir is a skilled DevOps engineer with a wealth of experience in the field. He has a full stack development background, focusing on server structure. He has worked at HTEC, HeraSoft, Seavus, and The Modern Connection.


Nagib Aouini


Nagib holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, and Cryptography from the French university ENSIMAG. He is a former CISO at SEBA Bank, one of the first licensed crypto banks. In 2020, Nagib founded DuoKey, a cybersecurity startup focused on encryption and key management using SEPIOR MPC technology. It enables customers to confidently move sensitive workloads to the cloud, where they can benefit from strong security controls that help meet internal and external compliance requirements. Nagib has more than 20 years of experience in digital identity and smartcards and has proven experience implementing complex technical projects. Previously, he held key positions in several large companies specialising in digital security, such as Gemalto, Thales Security, and Accenture. Nagib has worked with national governments on large-scale ID projects in Europe, North Africa, and the USA.

Christian Cachin

Consensus and Blockchain Advisor

Christian is a professor of computer science at the University of Bern, where he has been leading the Cryptology and Data Security Research Group since 2019. Before that, he worked for IBM Research, Zurich, for over 20 years. Christian has held visiting positions at MIT and EPFL and has taught at several universities during his career in industrial research.

He holds a PhD from ETH Zurich and is a Fellow at ACM and IEEE. He has received multiple IBM Outstanding Achievement Awards and served as the President of the International Association for Cryptologic Research (2014-2019). He is interested in all aspects of security in distributed systems and especially in cryptographic protocols, consistency, consensus, blockchains, and cloud-computing security. He has developed many cryptographic protocols, particularly for achieving consensus and executing distributed cryptographic operations over the Internet. In cloud computing, he has contributed to standards in storage security and developed protocols for key management.

Carsten Baum

Senior MPC and Blockchain Expert

Carsten is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Aarhus University. He is a recognised researcher and expert in applied cryptographic protocols, such as verifiable, secure computation and its combination with blockchains and efficient zero-knowledge protocols. He has published on various topics, including machine learning, blockchain, auditable protocols, and efficient MPC protocols.