December 2023 update

As we reflect on the closing chapter of 2023, Partisia Blockchain reviews a month of exciting milestones and success. From the exciting MPC token listing to our new assets in our BYOC portfolio, this recap provides an insider’s view into team expansions, and exciting community developments. Explore our commitment to sustainability and our leadership’s insights into Web3 technologies at the Next Block Expo. This December’s review is packed with exciting news, exclusive interviews, and a glimpse into our thriving ecosystem – all pointing towards a promising start to 2024!

MPC token is nearing the listing

In December 2023, four listing venues have either completed or are in the final stages of technical integration with the Partisia Blockchain. The MPC token is one step away from being listed once the MPC token transferability is enabled. This step is a crucial milestone in the Partisia Blockchain journey. Furthermore, several other listing venues have initiated the integration process. The collaboration with these exchanges underscores the growing interest and recognition of the value that Partisia Blockchain and the MPC token bring to the market. While the final decision to list completely lies with the venues, all efforts towards an optimal listing in 2024 are underway.

See you in Davos!

Partisia Blockchain will be in Davos during the World Economic Forum (WEF) during 15-19 January 2024. Our delegation will hold meetings with key partners and future collaborators on the sidelines of the 54th WEF, conduct press interviews, deliver keynote addresses and participate in various panel discussions. Follow our channels to stay tuned for all the action from Davos.

December jubilees

In December 2023, we celebrated two key milestones: the 15th anniversary of Partisia and the 35th jubilee of the multiparty computation (MPC). Fifteen years ago, the value of the MPC-based decentralized exchange (DEX) solution was recognized and it was a stepping stone leading to the creation of Partisia on 16 December 2008. Over the years, Partisia and, later, Partisia Blockchain expanded their offerings based on the MPC technology, developing secure auctions for several sectors, key management for general use and data analytics that forms a new beginning for the data economy. Watch our special edition, Partisia at 15, with our co-founders to know more about the journey to date and future plans.

The last month of the year witnessed another major jubilant – the multiparty computation’s 35th anniversary. In 1988, the global academia was introduced to MPC. The paper written by Professor Ivan Damgård turned many heads in the research community. A PhD student in Jutland was the talk of the academic world. And years later, his theories met the practical implementations. Watch our exclusive feature, MPC at 35, with none other than Professor Damgård, one of the most quoted and published cryptography researchers.

Team continues to expand

In December 2023, Maria Cocu joined the team as Community Growth and Engagement Associate and Alexander Pombo appointed Adoption Officer. These hires further fortify our commitment to outreach within the broader community, state institutions and regulated corporate sectors. Get to know more about our newest team members in this Q&A. Maria and Alexander are also tasked to geographically broaden our reach, starting with the Spanish-speaking world. Recognizing his expertise and outstanding leadership, Mathias Glintborg was promoted to Head of Product. More appointments will be announced in the new year.

COP28: Sustainability and BlockchainReporter’s Feature

As COP28 in Dubai marked 28 years of impactful initiatives, Partisia Blockchain showcased its commitment to sustainability. Our operations are rooted in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our co-founder Brian Gallagher’s conversation with BlockchainReporter sheds light on our role in reshaping Web3 for sustainability. From private voting to preventing front-running in decentralized finance, our solutions drive tangible positive impacts. Explore the synergy of sustainability and blockchain through our commitment here, and read the exclusive interview with Brian Gallagher here.

Partisia Blockchain at Next Block Expo

At the recent Next Block Expo in Berlin, our Chief of Growth, Shirly Valge, took center stage. Diving into the realms of Web3 discovery, Shirly discussed the exceptional benefits of decentralization, blockchain, DID and MPC in a captivating keynote and panel discussion. The event provided a platform to share our insights on the incredible potential of these technologies. You can catch up on an exclusive interview here, stay tuned for more video highlights on our social channels.

Ecosystem Update

In December 2023, we announced a decentralized exchange (DEX) building on Partisia Blockchain. TeraBlock is building a unique DEX based on our transformative technology to enable a DEX that guarantees price and eliminates losses for liquidity providers. Metanames is also ready to launch. In January 2024, the community will get a chance to get involved in the launch of the first ever cross-chain naming service.

Hackathon, 6th quarter rewards, expanding BYOC portfolio

Our hackathon is moving along well, with more than 450 applicants and seven submissions already. The sixth quarter bootstrap rewards have been computed and will pay out 2.1 million MPC tokens to our stakers. This is another increase from the previous quarter where we paid out 1.6 million tokens. The node operators voted to approve onboarding of the MATIC and USDT Eth tokens to the BYOC portfolio. These two new assets will be available on our cross-chain bridge in January 2024. And the wBTC proposal is scheduled for early next month.

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