Partisia Blockchain strengthens outreach efforts with the addition of Maria Cocu and Alexander Pombo

ZUG, 4 DECEMBER 2023. Partisia Blockchain announces the appointments of Maria Cocu as Community Growth and Engagement Associate and Alexander Pombo as Adoption Officer, further fortifying our commitment to outreach within the broader community, state institutions and regulated corporate sectors.

Maria Cocu, a professional with experience in the Web3 space, assumes the newly created role. Her background prior to Partisia Blockchain includes impactful contributions to diverse blockchain projects encompassing marketing, product development, community management, client relationships, branding and analytics. Prior to her entry in the blockchain industry, Maria served as a language tutor and a model in Spain.

In her capacity as Community Growth and Engagement Associate, Maria will leverage her Web3 expertise to build communities and provide guidance on effective methodologies. Drawing from her experience in client relationship management, community building and digital marketing—including the successful execution of IDO platform marketing campaigns—Maria is poised to connect users with innovative solutions, foster community growth and extend our geographic reach.

Maria’s academic credentials include a double degree in Marketing and Tourism from the King Juan Carlos University in Madrid, complemented by credentials in coding and responsive web design.

Kurt Nielsen, PhD, President of Partisia Blockchain, says:

“This year, we have significantly bolstered our team, introducing a range of new skill sets to manage our growth. The addition of Maria and Alexander, with their diverse skills and experiences, will help propel Partisia Blockchain toward enhanced adoption and focused growth. These appointments solidify our standing in the Web3 industry, and both Maria and Alexander will play roles in driving our values and sustained expansion.”

Alexander Pombo, joining as Adoption Officer, brings experience in startup ventures and entrepreneurship within highly regulated industries, including the cannabinoids market and state services. With a focus on bringing public sector institutions, regulated corporates and Web2 organizations into the Partisia Blockchain ecosystem, Alexander draws on his research into the application of blockchain and multiparty computation (MPC) technology in e-voting for his Master’s thesis.

Alexander holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Political Science from the University of Geneva and the University of Zürich, respectively, and a minor in Slavic Language and Literature Studies. He also possesses a Russian Language certificate from the Moscow State University and the Russian State University for the Humanities.

Partisia Blockchain extends a warm welcome to Maria and Alexander, anticipating their contributions to our continued growth and success. These appointments underscore our dedication to expanding our reach and strengthening our outreach efforts.

As we forge ahead, Partisia Blockchain remains committed to advancing the adoption of Web3 technologies and fostering meaningful collaborations with state entities, enterprises, and regulated corporations. Maria Cocu and Alexander Pombo’s skill sets align seamlessly with our vision, positioning Partisia Blockchain for sustained success in the dynamic landscape of blockchain innovation.

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