Davos 2024: A custody milestone

Welcome to our rundown of the third day at Davos. Today, besides meetings and attending sessions, we launched our very own decentralized, programmable, multichain and multiparty computation (MPC) on-chain product: MPC On-Chain Custody Advanced solution. In short – MOCCA. A custody milestone. This slated nicely into the day’s big themes:

  • Crypto financial markets
  • Security, privacy, and transparency
  • Liquid crypto financing 

Crypto markets were a key point of focus. Market-making and its intersection with algorithmic trading, market makers’ roles in price stability and volatility mitigation, and emerging trends were discussed. Our announcement of our MOCCA (MPC On-Chain Custody Advanced solution) during our keynote address highlighted how a decentralized, programmable, and multichain solution can redefine securing digital assets and make custodial management significantly easier. A need particularly relevant with the recent spot Bitcoin approvals by the US SEC.

Security, privacy, and transparency were the next major themes. This is reflected in the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) main focus for this year “Rebuilding trust” by honing on the fundamental principles fueling it, specifically transparency, consistency, and accountability. Panelists spoke on the importance of balancing transparency, security, and privacy in decentralized systems—a need fulfilled by our MOCCA product, alongside regulatory oversight. The main takeaways of which were that the industry needs infrastructure that will enhance transparency and help it widen its use.

Lastly, the financing side of the market was point on center stage. Contributors and founders gave an overview of their liquid crypto underwritings, the role of trading platforms in liquidity provision, and risks. The key takeaways were that liquid assets can offer contributors significant upside while mitigating much of the risk normally associated with financing in the asset class and the importance of technology, which facilitates trust between multiple parties.

We also had many meetings and attended thought-provoking sessions, such as WEF’s session on the risks and opportunities artificial intelligence (AI) brings into our daily lives. The Wall Street Journal’s session on managing risks, technology and compliance echoed our firm belief that tech plays a critical role in managing risks.

Davos 2024: A custody milestone

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