The SDG Summer School: Fostering the next generation of sustainable innovation

During the course of July, students, young professionals, academics, and industry leaders came together from across the globe for the SDG Summer School. This Summer School is organized by the University of Geneva and hosted in the SDG Innovation Lab, close to the United Nations as well as on different campuses around the world in parallel. Partisia Blockchain had the privilege of attending and actively participating in the program.

Groups of students were formed, assigned a coach and began to develop an idea into a project. The projects were all aimed at solving pressing problems and contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). After three weeks the groups pitched their projects to a jury consisting of decision makers from major institutions such as the University of Geneva, the Global Fund and the Olympic Committee.

I had the opportunity of representing Partisia Blockchain and coaching a group of students in creating an innovative solution to women’s health:

“Her Menstrual Trials” is an application using MPC and Blockchain to track women’s health trends and the effects of medications without revealing anyone’s personal health data. The blockchain would provide crypto-incentives to the participants and help store and track the data collected, while MPC would keep the data private, while allowing for real-time, continuous data collection from the participants.

Furthermore, Partisia Blockchain had the pleasure of sponsoring a student from Copenhagen to come to Geneva and participate in the Summer School.

The SDG Summer School is an impactful event empowering young minds to find solutions to the most pressing problems around the world. Partisia Blockchain is proud to support such an initiative and help to contribute to a brighter future for all.

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