Nagib holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, and Cryptography from the French university ENSIMAG. He is a former CISO at SEBA Bank, one of the first licensed crypto banks. In 2020, Nagib founded DuoKey, a cybersecurity startup focused on encryption and key management using SEPIOR MPC technology. It enables customers to confidently move sensitive workloads to the cloud, where they can benefit from strong security controls that help meet internal and external compliance requirements. Nagib has more than 20 years of experience in digital identity and smartcards and has proven experience implementing complex technical projects. Previously, he held key positions in several large companies specialising in digital security, such as Gemalto, Thales Security, and Accenture. Nagib has worked with national governments on large-scale ID projects in Europe, North Africa, and the USA.