Muwpay — the ultimate “smart wallet” experience on Web3

Muwpay — the ultimate “smart wallet” experience on Web3

Guest blog by Dhruv Malik, Sr Smart Contract Engineer and Gael Bokongo CEO and Co-founder at Muwpay.

Muwpay, founded by an educated and innovation-driven team, is on a mission to dissolve the barriers of cross-chain universes by designing a flexible, interoperable user experience. The team has been developing their pioneering protocol called MUWP (Multi Underlying Wrapped Payment), a multi-token protocol adaptable to a variety of formats such as smart wallets, smart widgets, or SDK.

We are privileged to be trusted by Partisia Blockchain, one of the key players in the blockchain space known for secure and private computation services. This partnership has led to the creation of a smart wallet specific to the Partisia community. Thanks to the technical support and global vision of the Partisia Blockchain Foundation, a secure environment has been established where users can experience cutting-edge solutions. This collaborative approach holds vast potential for the future.

We were thrilled to be interviewed by the Partisia Blockchain team to explain our journey so far on our first partnership with such a significant figure in the blockchain industry. Check it out here.

Muwpay is developing the smart wallet and cross-DEXliquidity aggregator protocol with the aim of:

  • Add tokens from multiple wallets in a few clicks.
  • Reducing the burden of relying on multiple bridges and DEX aggregators to manually do the transfers.
  • Providing best price and low slippage trades by making the on-chain orderbook resistant to front-running.
  • Ensuring that your funds do not get exploited by keeping features such as transferring limited allowance tokens, possibility to revert tokens.
  • Support for both hardware and software wallets.
  • Being able to search other wallets using ENS like naming service.

Thus, we provide full end-to-end wallet as a service for Partisia ecosystem

This will be the cross-native wallet that works as follows:

  1. Create your account on Partisia using an external hard wallet and soon from a traditional Web2 account
  2. Create smart account (on-chain smart contract wallet working similarly in terms of multi-sig)
  3. Integrate various wallets and their tokens that you want to use in order to pay other accounts
  4. Define the destination address that you want to pay the amount along with the destination token address and the constraints (maximum percentage of slippage, minimum amount out etc.)
  5. Click on transfer (aka Muwped)

And then see the benefits of paying instantaneously in stablecoins using multiple denominations and low slippage.

For us, Partisia Blockchain ecosystem’s main characteristics were critical to launching our project on this ecosystem, services such as:

  1. Bring Your Own Coin using Hermez Bridge: this allows wallets to reduce the challenge of onboarding collateral tokens from the Ethereum ecosystem. All of the tokens will be represented as 1:1 wrapped versions of the underlying asset, which can be transferred P2P between the wallets, and then redeemed into the original amount. Thus. bringing significant adoption.
  2. ZK MPC compute and possibility for segmenting public and private parameters in contracts: This has been of significant help in developing contracts that keep certain computations private (like computation of gas fees and transaction ordering in the order book), but allowing possibility to generate the proofs regarding the nature of data. This helps us to resolve the issues regarding front-running, keeping information about the users sub wallets private, etc.
  3. Dynamic scalability of producing shards: helps to significantly scale our capacity of our transactions and not being usually blocked due to the bottlenecks introduced due to the periods of intense usage, and, thus, providing more stability.
  4. Having decentralized consensus of oracles to insure safety from malicious price and providing high availability of the pricing feeds for the mainnet tokens.

MUWP offers extensive benefits for crypto holders. It streamlines the conversion of tokens, reduces operational risks through secure and private computation services, and decreases gas fees by enabling any token for payment. The shards feature also improves transaction throughput. As such, MUWP enhances the overall cryptocurrency user experience, taking it a notch higher.

Thus, we have been progressing to build the smart contract protocol layer and also the mobile wallet, and are poised to release the beta test version around July. Feel free to follow the website for more information.

Overall, the partnership between Muwpay and Partisia Blockchain, and the innovations they are set to introduce, demonstrates a clear vision for a more efficient, secure, and user-friendly future in the world of blockchain technology.

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