Let’s build something different

Let’s build something different!

Partisia Blockchain Foundation is happy to announce our grants program for the second half of 2023. We are giving out up to 3 million $MPC tokens (valued at US$1.2 million from last years public sale price of 40¢ a token) to builders that want to create something unique in the blockchain space. Something that is not possible on any other chain.

Partisia Blockchain is the worlds first blockchain that combines a generic programing language to enable a customizable secure multiparty computation (sMPC) solution into an interoperable and scalable blockchain.

Unlike other privacy blockchains that do zero knowledge proof, or only a specific MPC function, Partisia Blockchain’s research based sMPC allows for customizable solutions to fit your specific needs. With features that allow for solutions to be regulatory compliant (such as GDPR, HIPAA, etc), and fully auditable, Partisia Blockchain allows for the solution to solve problems in many use cases.

Our ecosystem is full of unique real world projects that are unique in the blockchain space. From solving for MEV attacks, tackling tender corruption in the public domain, to meeting CSRD compliancy, privatizing DAO voting to ensure integrity of the vote, our partners are not building yet another same type of application in other blockchains. And this is where we want you to come in to build something unique, something not seen in the industry.

Our grant guidelines are here, but mainly we are looking for teams that really want to create a unique solution that cannot be solved in other blockchains. We provide the infrastructure and the technology to bring these solutions to life. We are looking for teams that are really looking to stand out from other dApps, or solve for a problem that is currently not possible in other blockchains.

If you already have an existing app, you dont have to port your existing app over into our blockchain to take advantage of our MPC tchnology. You can use our MPC-as-a-Service model to request the computation as a service. Our interoperability model allows for other tokens (Eth, BNB, Polygon USDC, with more to come) to be spendable as gas on our chain, allowing flexibility to existing applications to take advantage of our technology as well.

What is your unique idea? What are some of the problems you have not been able to solve in the blockchain space? Do you want to create something unique to stand out from all the other similar dApps that do the same thing?

Lets build something different together!

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