November 2023 update

November 2023 update

November has been another busy month as we prepare ourselves to wrap up a successful year. This month featured our monumental rebranding – the #NewPartisiaBlockchain, a groundbreaking partnership revolutionizing Swiss digital ID management, the launch of our first dApp on the Partsia mainnet, our inaugural online hackathon, and key highlights from prominent industry events. Explore how we are shaping the future of privacy-driven blockchain solutions and more.

Welcome to the new Partisia Blockchain branding

Partisia Blockchain has undergone a monumental transformation, unveiling a fresh brand identity signaling a pivotal moment in its history. Our rebrand signifies more than a visual overhaul—it is a testament to our commitment to revolutionize enterprise blockchain and individual privacy.

Our revamped website is your gateway to a reimagined experience. Explore sections dedicated to ecosystem projects, embodying our focus on privacy-conscious innovation. The new logo symbolizes our commitment to people-centric innovation, emphasizing transparency, accessibility and human empowerment at the core. This refreshed brand identity underscores our mission to prioritize real-world adoption through practical applications, attracting interest across sectors like government, healthcare, and finance.

We invite developers, enterprises, and the community to explore our expanding ecosystem, experiencing firsthand the transformative potential of MPC technology in shaping the future of privacy-driven blockchain solutions. We encourage you to check out the #NewPartisiaBlockchain on our website and share your thoughts with us, as your feedback is invaluable in shaping our journey toward a more inclusive and impactful blockchain ecosystem.

Partisia Blockchain set to transform the Swiss digital ID management

Partisia Blockchain and HES-SO Valais-Wallis are poised to transform the management of digital identities for Swiss citizens. This partnership aims to develop a decentralized electronic identity system in line with the Swiss Federal Council’s commitment to data privacy and security.

This effort is a significant leap toward redefining digital identity management in Switzerland, and aims to empower individuals with control over their personal data, ensuring a future where privacy and security are not compromised. The primary objective is to define the architecture for a self-sovereign identity (SSI)-based electronic identity (e-ID), creating a minimum viable product (MVP) and seamlessly integrating it into a public administration portal.

The SSI solution empowers citizens by enabling them to wield credentials issued by public administrations in mobile applications, offering the autonomy to select the data they disclose when accessing services.

First dApp on Partisia mainnet is live and our hackathon

A dApp is live in Partisia Blockchain! We were excited to announce and introduce Blockchain-Ads as the first dApp to go live in mainnet. A unique application empowering users to own their personal data and allowing the monetization of it through MPC. You can read more about them here, or even better, install their “Web3 Cookie“.

We announced the launch of our first online hackathon, challenging all developers to build differently on Web3. Running for two months, we are excited to see what developers will come up with using our unique infrastructure. Share the news with developers that you think are looking for a new challenge.

Key November events

We recently joined Blockchain Association Singapore and showcased our technology in a curated invitation only event. More details of the event can be found here. While in Singapore, we also took part and sponsored the PET Summit. We had a chance to meet with industry experts and participate in roundtables and a panel discussion to demonstrate our expertise in privacy enhancing technologies. In addition, we connected with some leads, watch the video recap here.

A lot of potential synergies were discussed at the Cardano Summit 2023 in Dubai. We met our friends from the Cardano Foundation and EMURGO. Partisia Blockchain and Partisia teams established mutually beneficial touch points, which hopefully will result in something tangible. Stay tuned for more.

On the first weekend of November the political and business worlds gathered in the French capital for the sixth Paris Peace Forum. At the Forum, we spoke with senior officials and executives, establishing new relationships and discussing the potential of blockchain and MPC technologies. Partisia Blockchain was the only blockchain invited to attend. We were also thrilled to be in Stockholm at the Web3 Is Happening event last month with Google Cloud and ChromaWay. Shirly Valge nailed it on the panel talking about the search for the next killer app in Web3.

New bridge is live

We announced the launch of our new bridge interface. All functionality is moving into the Partisia Browser and the new bridge function was launched. Please find more details here. In December 2023, will include voting for MATIC, USDT and wBTC tokens to be added to the BYOC bridge. More to come!

Partisia Blockchain dApp Playground launched

In November 2023, we introduced the Partisia Blockchain dApp Playground, a robust toolset for developing, deploying and debugging smart contracts on Partisia Blockchain. Designed for both public and private ZK smart contracts, Playground seamlessly accommodates developers’ needs for both public and private MPC computation on testnet and mainnet. It includes challenges and guides to get started fast. And with two frontends included, it is easy to visualize interactions with the contracts of your web application. With a one-click frictionless setup process, it offers a versatile and intuitive GitHub Codespace suitable for beginners and professionals. Elevate your blockchain development experience with the Partisia Blockchain dApp Playground!

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Blockchain-Ads goes live on Partisia Blockchain, redefining digital advertising

Blockchain-Ads goes live on Partisia Blockchain, redefining digital advertising

ZUG, 20 NOVEMBER 2023. Blockchain-Ads, the trailblazing solution for Web3 brands seeking to connect with their ideal audiences, is set to make history as the first-ever advertising platform to go live on Partisia Blockchain’s revolutionary blockchain. This partnership is poised to reshape the advertising industry, offering unprecedented opportunities for Web3 brands to reach their target audiences efficiently, effectively, and with uncompromising privacy.

The Web3 landscape has faced a longstanding challenge: the struggle to engage with their desired customer base. Traditional advertising networks have often imposed restrictions on crypto-related promotions, leaving many brands underserved. Furthermore, existing crypto ad networks have failed to deliver the crucial capability of targeting users based on their on-chain behavior — until now.

Brian Gallagher, Co-Founder of Partisia Blockchain, says: “I have always been passionate about user-centric ads, even holding US patents for blockchain-based targeted advertising. My co-founders and I built Partisia Blockchain to bring this vision and capabilities to the market; disrupting the data economy as we know it today. Seeing Blockchain-Ads launch on Partisia Blockchain is both a technical milestone and a realization of our co-founders personal mission to put users first in digital advertising and the data economy.”

Blockchain-Ads, in close collaboration with Partisia Blockchain, has leveraged the innovative MPC and ZK technologies to create a secure, privacy-preserving, and cost-effective solution. This approach ensures that user data is processed securely while facilitating highly targeted advertising campaigns. It represents a monumental shift in digital advertising, preserving user privacy without compromising the integrity of user data.

Following a successful testnet launch in May, Blockchain-Ads launched Partisia smart contracts on the mainnet on 1 November 2023. This milestone marks the formal introduction of Blockchain-Ads to the digital advertising arena, offering a truly decentralized alternative to the conventional, centralized advertising industry.

Blockchain-Ads based on third party analytics is outperforming competitors tenfold in efficiency and effectiveness, offering Web3 brands a unique opportunity to achieve their advertising goals. With this revolutionary platform, brands can expect superior targeting capabilities that are unparalleled in the market.

Vlad Chejkov, Founder of Blockchain-Ads, says: “Our mission is crystal clear: to disrupt the conventional advertising industry and usher in a new era of decentralized, privacy-preserving, and cost-effective advertising. We are committed to redefining privacy and user control in the digital advertising landscape, with a solution specifically tailored to the needs of Web3 brands.”

Blockchain-Ads invites the world to witness the future of digital advertising on Partisia Blockchain’s blockchain, where privacy, efficiency, and effectiveness converge like never before.

About Partisia Blockchain: Partisia Blockchain brings unparalleled opportunities by empowering privacy-preserving, interoperable and sustainable innovation for fairness and transparency. It fuels the most secure and efficient networks to solve global problems. Distilled with 35 years of rigorous research, Partisia Blockchain future-proofs solutions, solves tomorrow’s challenges by powering fair, secure, distribution of benefits. While preserving privacy and confidentiality, it brings accountable, transparent and decentralized governance. Learn more:

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How to Bridge BYOC tokens using Browser in Partisia Blockchain

How to Bridge BYOC tokens using Browser in Partisia Blockchain

The following are the requirements and step by step process of how to bridge tokens into the Partisia Blockchain network.

Remember that in the Partisia Blockchain, other liquid tokens are used to pay for gas.  To transact in the network, you need to bridge the supported tokens first.

For more detailed description of the steps, please review further below or watch the video:

Step 1: Go to and sign in using your MPC wallet

Step 2: After you sign in, choose “My account” on the left side and then choose BYOC

Step 3: Choose the token you wish to bridge and select Deposit (or withdraw to withdraw your tokens)  Then sign into Metamask

Step 4: Enter the amount you wish to bridge and click on “Deposit”

Step 5: Sign the transaction in metamask and complete the transfer

If you run into any issues, please request for help in our community channels or submit a ticket in Discord.

Thank you for being a part of our community!

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