Partisia Blockchain Foundation Appoints Tiago Serôdio as Head of Community

Partisia Blockchain Foundation Appoints Tiago Serôdio as Head of Community

ZÜRICH, 29 March 2023. Partisia Blockchain Foundation announces the appointment of Tiago Fernandes Serôdio as the Head of Community, effective immediately. This strategic move underlines the fourth generation blockchain’s firm commitment to optimizing community engagement and aligning with growth objectives. His appointment is a testament to Partisia Blockchain’s pledge to quality leadership and top-notch talent acquisition.

Tiago brings over 10 years of experience building and running communities, as well as marketing campaigns, including his notable work at the Cardano Foundation where he designed and implemented the flagship Ambassador Program, expanded its global reach and introduced the first self-governance program.

In his new role at Partisia Blockchain, Tiago will collaborate with the senior leadership team to provide expert guidance on scaling and diversifying the community. He will focus on implementing a community engagement strategy that will enhance the management, growth, and diversification of the community, with an eye on future adoption and use cases. Tiago is poised to streamline the community management function and set on a path to further success.

Kurt Nielsen, President of Partisia Blockchain Foundation, is confident that Tiago’s appointment will take the community to new heights. He remarked, “Tiago’s extensive skills and expertise will serve as a catalyst for Partisia Blockchain’s growth by reinforcing our community and pivoting focus towards adoption and use cases. With Tiago’s valuable insights, we look forward to expanding and diversifying our community profile, paving the way for a brighter and more prosperous future.”

Before joining Partisia Blockchain, Tiago held several senior management positions at various organizations, including Zilliqa, HUMAN Protocol and Occam Group, where he implemented and refined community-driven initiatives. He was instrumental in turning less known altcoin to Top Five market cap in 2017 as part of the original Dash team. Tiago is also one of the founding partners of Syyx, a Web3 marketing agency built by former Cardano ecosystem executives and domain experts.

Tiago’s distinguished academic credentials speak to his deep commitment to professional development. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Neuropsychology from the University Institute of Maia (Portugal) and an Audio Engineering certification from the SAE Institute of Technology in Barcelona (Spain). He is currently pursuing his Master of Science degree in Blockchain and Business Applications from the prestigious Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain).

Partisia Blockchain is privileged to have Tiago Serôdio as the Head of Community and looks forward to his contributions to growth and success. His appointment is a significant milestone in the journey towards achieving ambitious goals and continuing to serve as a leading fourth generation blockchain.

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