Blockchain-Ads goes live on Partisia Blockchain, redefining digital advertising

Blockchain-Ads goes live on Partisia Blockchain, redefining digital advertising

ZUG, 20 NOVEMBER 2023. Blockchain-Ads, the trailblazing solution for Web3 brands seeking to connect with their ideal audiences, is set to make history as the first-ever advertising platform to go live on Partisia Blockchain’s revolutionary blockchain. This partnership is poised to reshape the advertising industry, offering unprecedented opportunities for Web3 brands to reach their target audiences efficiently, effectively, and with uncompromising privacy.

The Web3 landscape has faced a longstanding challenge: the struggle to engage with their desired customer base. Traditional advertising networks have often imposed restrictions on crypto-related promotions, leaving many brands underserved. Furthermore, existing crypto ad networks have failed to deliver the crucial capability of targeting users based on their on-chain behavior — until now.

Brian Gallagher, Co-Founder of Partisia Blockchain, says: “I have always been passionate about user-centric ads, even holding US patents for blockchain-based targeted advertising. My co-founders and I built Partisia Blockchain to bring this vision and capabilities to the market; disrupting the data economy as we know it today. Seeing Blockchain-Ads launch on Partisia Blockchain is both a technical milestone and a realization of our co-founders personal mission to put users first in digital advertising and the data economy.”

Blockchain-Ads, in close collaboration with Partisia Blockchain, has leveraged the innovative MPC and ZK technologies to create a secure, privacy-preserving, and cost-effective solution. This approach ensures that user data is processed securely while facilitating highly targeted advertising campaigns. It represents a monumental shift in digital advertising, preserving user privacy without compromising the integrity of user data.

Following a successful testnet launch in May, Blockchain-Ads launched Partisia smart contracts on the mainnet on 1 November 2023. This milestone marks the formal introduction of Blockchain-Ads to the digital advertising arena, offering a truly decentralized alternative to the conventional, centralized advertising industry.

Blockchain-Ads based on third party analytics is outperforming competitors tenfold in efficiency and effectiveness, offering Web3 brands a unique opportunity to achieve their advertising goals. With this revolutionary platform, brands can expect superior targeting capabilities that are unparalleled in the market.

Vlad Chejkov, Founder of Blockchain-Ads, says: “Our mission is crystal clear: to disrupt the conventional advertising industry and usher in a new era of decentralized, privacy-preserving, and cost-effective advertising. We are committed to redefining privacy and user control in the digital advertising landscape, with a solution specifically tailored to the needs of Web3 brands.”

Blockchain-Ads invites the world to witness the future of digital advertising on Partisia Blockchain’s blockchain, where privacy, efficiency, and effectiveness converge like never before.

About Partisia Blockchain: Partisia Blockchain brings unparalleled opportunities by empowering privacy-preserving, interoperable and sustainable innovation for fairness and transparency. It fuels the most secure and efficient networks to solve global problems. Distilled with 35 years of rigorous research, Partisia Blockchain future-proofs solutions, solves tomorrow’s challenges by powering fair, secure, distribution of benefits. While preserving privacy and confidentiality, it brings accountable, transparent and decentralized governance. Learn more:

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Data market and advertising: How Partisia Blockchain can revolutionize the advertising industry

Data market and advertising: How Partisia Blockchain can revolutionize the advertising industry

Changing the data market business model from buying and selling of your data to buying and selling the “use” of your data.

Current advertising data market industry involves selling and buying of data. Regardless of the type of data the advertisers are looking for, it’s all about collecting the data from various means, categorizing it, perhaps pseudo anonymizing it and selling the data to advertisers. And data, as it turns out, is a very lucrative business. The global market size of the advertising market is estimated to be US$600–800 billion and the internet makes up about half of that size.

You probably have heard this statement before. If it is free, you are probably the product being sold. And this is a very common way for the data market players to create a “free” application that allows the collection of data that the market players will buy and sell. The more accurate the data, the more valuable. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, etc all use similar business models. But there are other players in this market, some you may have heard of in the news (Cambridge Analytics for example) or smaller companies that trade your data under the covers. They will collect from various sources, reshuffle, and resell the data to others.

But as with any business model, there are challenges and the data market is not without its share of issues.

  • Stale data — In most cases, data is being collected and sold. This means it is a data collected at a point in time. This leads to stale data, only useful if it is used relatively quickly.
  • Lack of transparency — Users have very little transparency into how their data is used, where it is going and who ultimately ends up using them.
  • Valuation of your data — Users are unaware how much their data is actually worth.
  • Privacy laws — The vast amount of different data protection laws creates the data market players to both constantly shift their business model and ensure flexibility in their operational process to keep up with the varying different data protection laws around the world.
  • Ethical concerns — There are ethical concerns when companies knowingly or unknowingly expose your personal data. Because in most cases, the user is not aware of how much data they are agreeing to be collected nor how it may be used, they hand over the control of their data to a private entity.

How can Partisia Blockchain help?

Partisia Blockchain’s privacy first blockchain with research lead secure multiparty computation (sMPC) can help solve these issues and also provide data market participants with alternate business models that can bridge the gap between consumer privacy concerns and better data overall.

  • Users owning their data — The blockchain allows for a decentralized network where control of your data remains with the user. In a similar vain of “not your keys, not your token”, blockchain plus MPC allows individuals to retain control over their own data and selectively allow the use of the data.
  • Enable privacy of the user data — With Partisia Blockchains sMPC, data analytics companies can request computation to extract data they need without them needing to see the actual data. This allows for privacy to be maintained while allowing for computation of the data.
  • Rewarding users — Create an incentive model to reward the users for providing the use of their data
  • Real time data — Because the users data remain with the users themselves, the data becomes accessible in real time. When someone requires access to the user data, they can request the analysis and extract details from data that is up to date.
  • Transparency of the data — Blockchain is about transparency and through it users can understand exactly what data they have allowed access to, when the data is being accessed and be rewarded for the use of it.
  • Data privacy law compliance — Through sMPC and PBC’s jurisdiction management tool, compliance to data privacy and protection laws like GDPR can be implemented simply.

This changes the data market business model from buying and selling of your data to buying and selling the use of your data. By shifting the paradigm to a services model, new potential revenue streams become available while being able to solve some of the difficult challenges facing the advertising industry.

Projects like Blockchain-Ads and Kin are already looking to take advantage of this new model and we are exited to see where this will lead in the future.

Connect with us at to see how we can help you create new business models, solve challenges and provide new incentives for the users to use your system.

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Blockchain-Ads — Bringing the ad industry into the Web3 world

Blockchain-Ads — Bringing the ad industry into the Web3 world

Guest blog from Vlad Chejkov, Blockchain-Ads Founder

As the founder of Blockchain-Ads, I am thrilled to be featured in the Ecosystem Spotlight, where we are shedding light on the revolutionary changes we are bringing to the Web3 industry.

Blockchain-Ads is specifically designed to bridge a gap in the market where Web3 brands struggle to reach their ideal customers. Traditional ad networks often restrict crypto-related promotions, and none of the crypto ad networks currently allow targeting based on users’ on-chain behaviour.

Blockchain-Ads platform offers Web3 brands the opportunity to connect with their target audiences efficiently and effectively, outperforming the competitors 10 to 1.

Our collaboration with Partisia Blockchain has been fundamental to our success. Their pioneering multiparty computation (MPC) and zero-knowledge (ZK) technologies serve as the backbone of our solution. They ensure user data is processed securely while facilitating targeted advertising. This approach respects user privacy and transforms the digital advertising landscape without revealing any underlying data or compromising user privacy.

Currently, we are at an exciting juncture. We are preparing to launch Partisia smart contracts on testnet in the first half of May. It is a crucial step that will help us refine our solution in a secure environment before launching on the mainnet.

As we forge ahead, our mission is clear: to disrupt the conventional, centralized advertising industry with a decentralized, privacy-preserving, and cost-effective solution. We aim to redefine privacy and user control in the digital advertising landscape, tailoring specifically to the needs of Web3 brands.

For more insights into our progress and to stay abreast of our exciting journey, follow us on Twitter or reach out through our website. We are proud to be part of the innovative Partisia Blockchain ecosystem and look forward to reshaping the future of privacy-preserving advertising in the Web3 space.