SecondLane — Secondary Market for digital assets building on Weezi and Partisia Blockchain

Guest Blog by Oleg Ivanov, Co-Founder of Weezi/Secondlane.

SecondLane is co-founded by top players in the Web3 OTC market, combining advanced tech, licensing and historical business volume in the secondary market.

With SecondLane project teams, advisors and investors can now:

  • Unlock liquidity for their unvested tokens & equity


  • Search, discover and trade illiquid digital assets

The technology stack has been built over the past two years with Weezi team, who now migrated full-time to SecondLane.

There are six essential features that are gradually being automated and released by the team. Each of these features represents the steps of a typical OTC deal.

Such features are bundled into three versions of the SecondLane platform, with SecondLane V1 up and running on EVM-compatible chains.

We are honored to be trusted by Partisia Blockchain to integrate the Partisia ecosystem’s main characteristics into our SecondLane V2 release.

The core element of SecondLane V2 is automated on-chain onboarding and verification of users and assets. This has to be done in (a) a compliant, and (b) privacy-preserving form; so that buyers and sellers are sure that their information is not known to the public.

Partisia Blockchain’s ZK MPC technology, coupled with the decentralized consensus of oracles, is the right mix of tools for our task.

The innovations set to be introduced by Partisia Blockchain is long awaited in the market, and we at SecondLane are excited to be among the first partners to integrate those into our product for our client base.

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