Roadmap Spotlight #2: Development Tools

One of the main priorities for any blockchain is adoption. The stronger the base that are developing on the chain, the stronger the chain. And one of the important factors for adoption is the ease of development on a chain. For that purpose, we have been working hard on tools to help developers develop and deploy on our chain.

The below are some of the key frameworks, contracts and libraries that will help developers create amazing applications on our chain which we are planning to release in the next 6 months.

  • DEX contracts — We are creating a template for DEX contracts alongside a factory to help developers create new DEX’s as well as onboard new tokens easily. Along with the BYOC Framework, we think this will help deployment of a DEX to be very simple
  • CLI interface for interacting with smart contracts — Currently we allow interactions to our smart contracts through our UI in dashboard or browser. Through enabling interactions to our SC in a CLI, we will allow for developers to create scripts that can automate interactions to the smart contract they are developing.
  • Test framework — Currently the devs need to manually deploy and manually test individual pieces of their contracts. In the new JUnit testing library, developers will be able to test deployment and actions for their contracts. This will enable Continuous Integration during development of smart contracts, where unit testing and cross contract integration testing can be stepped through and asserted.
  • Gas estimation tool — We will be launching a tool to help developers calculate gas for their smart contracts. As our sharding architecture is unique, we want to create a tool to help developers compute their gas requirements for the application in an easier way.
  • ABI for all governance contracts — We will enable interactions with our governance contracts, with documentation for what each of the contracts do.

With these tools, we hope we will allow development in our chain to be easier, and we will continue to focus on building new tools to help the development community.

Many of these items will launch as they get completed, with a full completion date of around the end of 4th Quarter.

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