Roadmap Spotlight #1: BYOC Token Onboarding Framework

One of Partisia Blockchain’s core values is in collaboration. Our belief is that one of the main paths to advancing the further adoption of the blockchain industry is through working together. And this belief is built into our blockchain architecture.

As mentioned in our interoperability article, the current blockchain ecosystem is kind of like going to an amusement park. You can play in an ecosystem but only if you pay using their native token.

Partisia Blockchain’s payment mechanism broke away from this paradigm and designed a tokenomics that uses other chains tokens. We started off with Ethereum, then added Polygon USDC, and then integrated BNB into the chain. Now, we are bringing the ability to onboarding tokens to the community.

With the new Ethereum BYOC Framework, we are enabling the ability for any community developer to submit a proposal to onboard a ERC20 or a BEP20 token of their choice that is running on the respective chains into the Partisia Blockchain bridge. This brings the control of adding a token into the Partisia Blockchain to the public.

How it works:

  • In order for the bridge to work between chains, you must have a contract in the Ethereum or BNB chain network as well as on the Partisia Blockchain network. We provide a template for anyone to tweak and submit a proposal to add the coin of their choice. Then you submit the proposal into the Partisia Blockchain.
  • This proposal will go to a vote to our node operator committee. The committee then has 7 days to review the proposal and either accept or reject the proposal.
  • If it is accepted, the contract will go live and the token will become available as an asset in the network.

By enabling this important roadmap item, we bring the control of onboarding any new Eth or BNB based asset into our unique bridge to not only be used as a swappable tokens, but allow it to be usable as gas for transacting in the Partisia Blockchain network. Whether you are a dApp that wants to add privacy services into your existing application, or create a unique DeFi solution on Partisia Blockchain that allows for swift easy swaps between assets while preventing front running and sandwich attacks through MPC, all of the value proposition that Partisia Blockchain offers is now available to any system running in the Etherium, Polygon or BNB chains.

Please look out for this feature being launched sometime in the 3rd/4th quarter.

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