Proposal: Adjustments to the ecosystem rewards for the upcoming rewards cycles

In all blockchains, node operators are running their nodes to operate and secure the network. And the compensation model of the blockchain allows node operators to get compensated for maintaining/operating the protocol. On Partisia Blockchain the compensation is a mix of BYOC fees and rewards in MPC tokens. Rewards come from the ecosystem pool used to bootstrap the operation of the network.

Currently the distribution of rewards is the same for staking directly by a node operator account as for any other account that delegates staking to a node operator. On the other hand, node operators receive all BYOC fees. However, at this early stage of the network the main compensation as node operator is the rewards. Hence, to make the total compensation more fair to the node operators operating the network the following adjustment will be put up for voting among node operators: 2% of the rewards gained by delegated staking to be distributed to the node operators that they are staking to. This will allow a fairer staking rewards system where the node operators running the system will be compensated by the community stakers for providing the computing power to stake their tokens to and receive rewards.

A simple example for a community staker would be if the reward for your current period was 100 MPC tokens, during the rewards computation, 2 MPC tokens will be sent to the node you are staking to, and you will receive 98 MPC tokens. This will fairly compensate the node operator for operating the blockchain you are staking to receive your reward.

If you are a node operator, you will receive 2% of all the staking reward your node account generated for all the community stakers you are supporting.

As this is a governance matter for the chain, the proposal will be put to a vote for the block producing node operators to decide on. We suggest for those who are staking, that you reach out to your respective node operators and voice your thoughts with them directly. If passed, this will be implemented as a part of the Q6 reward cycle and subsequent cycles going forward.

We hope this will help create a more fair rewards distribution as well as promote node operators to continue to promote their nodes to the community to stake to.

Thank you for your continued support!