Partisia Blockchain’s 25 million MPC token AirDrop program

Introducing Partisia Blockchain’s highly anticipated AirDrop program. We are thrilled to launch the Partisia Blockchain AirDrop program. It marks a significant milestone for ecosystem adoption. With the upcoming governance vote for the MPC token transferability just around the corner, this is a testament for the Partisia Blockchain’s vision. The program features an impressive pool size of 25 million MPC tokens. The program offers an unparalleled opportunity for the early adopters of the Partisia Blockchain.

The first tranche of the 25 million MPC token AirDrop program will kickstart the further expansion of our ecosystem.

Why you need to participate in this AirDrop program:

  • Get firsthand experience with leading MPC and blockchain technology,
  • Participate in securing the network,
  • Try new innovative dApps.

As we prepare for the MPC token listing – outlined in the December 2023 update – this AirDrop program is designed to invigorate the ecosystem. For the début AirDrop tranche, we value continuous activity and contributions within the ecosystem. Detailed participation information is available on the official AirDrop program webpage.

In the last 12 months, the Partisia Blockchain ecosystem has rapidly grown. It attracts builders and innovators from various industries, and this is your chance to be rewarded for participating in the official launch. Innovators, such as MetaNames, are offering decentralized domain name services are prime examples. The deployment of these dApps to mainnet is a crucial step in fostering growth and creating a synergistic ecosystem. They empower and bring to life collaborations between dApps and broadening the scope of new use cases. As the AirDrop program takes place, more dApps will deploy on mainnet to chart an exciting AirDrop journey. We encourage participants to deploy their own contracts with the smart contract IDE, DApp playground.

About the AirDrop program:

AirDrop rewards considerations:

  • Bridge funds to your Partisia Blockchain wallet via BYOC bridge:
    • Token amount considered.
  • Spent gas on any blockchain transactions:
    • Gas spent considered,
    • Daily active use considered.

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