Partisia Blockchain partners with the International Committee of the Red Cross to Address Real-world Challenges in Conflict Zones

Partisia Blockchain’s privacy-preserving technologies support the ICRC in providing humanitarian aid to global crisis zones.

On December 2, 2022, at our first Hackathon (the “PartiHack”) in Paris, France, Partisia Blockchain and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) announced our partnership to harness blockchain-based technology to enable aid distribution to global crisis zones in a way that is more efficient and safer for recipients. We were proud to be able to present the working prototype of this system and to demonstrate how this technology could be used in conflict zones to ensure a high degree of privacy and data protection for relief distributions.

This amazing collaboration offers a vision of a better mechanism for providing assistance to those most vulnerable to armed conflict and violence around the world. The stablecoin we are developing in partnership with the ICRC could pilot a new way of providing support to these victims by combining the advantages of public blockchains with the privacy protections of Partisia Blockchain’s advanced multi-party computation technology.

We are incredibly excited to begin applying Partisia Blockchain’s leading technologies to create a pioneering solution with the ICRC to explore and research how humanitarian cash and voucher assistance programs can benefit from our technology. This is a breakthrough in the real-world use cases of our blockchain.

The current partnership provides a key example of the power of Partisia Blockchain’s singularly scalable, privacy-protecting, multi-party computation technology. This model, first discussed at TOKEN2049 in Singapore, also served as a key source of inspiration for developers participating in Partisia’s Hackathon, which awarded several significant grants to projects judged among the best submissions.

More on those here!

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