Partisia Blockchain names Mathias Glintborg as Senior Technical Program Manager

ZUG, 24 OCTOBER 2023. Partisia Blockchain appoints Mathias Glintborg as Senior Technical Program Manager. In this key post, Mathias will spearhead the oversight and coordination of adoption activities, with a primary focus on secure multiparty computation (MPC) and blockchain solutions for DeFi, data sharing, digital identity and more. His responsibilities also extend to providing advice on design and architecture to the builders on our chain.

Mathias brings a wealth of experience in the blockchain industry to his new role. Before joining Partisia Blockchain, he served as the Chief Technology Officer at canow in Tokyo. His contributions in his previous job were instrumental in defining the feasible technical scope, assembling tech teams, designing architecture and delivering cutting-edge blockchain infrastructure and associated services and products. Additionally, he founded and operated his consulting company in Shanghai, specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain solutions, and collaborated with notable clients, such as Chiheal Biomed and OpenOcean.

In his current capacity, Mathias oversees the effective planning, execution, monitoring, and delivery of multiple adoption projects. His role is crucial in collaboration among cross-functional teams, ensuring seamless and efficient execution of activities, and maintaining project alignment for successful realization of goals. Mathias is tasked with establishing a robust KPI framework for project management, diligently tracking activities and progress across each project to guarantee their successful delivery. Furthermore, he manages adoption projects from inception to implementation, providing post-implementation support for sustained success.

Peter Frandsen, Chief Technology Officer at Partisia Blockchain, says: “With Mathias taking the reins of our technical program management, I have great expectations for Partisia Blockchain’s future. His impressive background in blockchain, coupled with his leadership acumen, promises to drive innovation and excellence. Mathias’s rich global experience uniquely situates him as a bridge connecting diverse markets and cultures. Together, we are poised to not only meet our objectives but also establish pioneering industry benchmarks, significantly influencing the trajectory of blockchain technology.”

Mathias spent nearly a decade in Asia, namely China and Japan, before joining Partisia Blockchain. His career included both technical and commercial roles, engaging with cutting-edge technologies, such as AI and blockchain, for various startups and enterprises. His distinctive experience at the intersection of business and technology uniquely qualifies him as a valuable asset in Partisia Blockchain’s adoption strategy. His expertise aligns with the organization’s vision, where individuals who can bridge the gap between business and technology drive projects to mainnet implementations, resulting in tangible achievements for Partisia Blockchain.

Mathias holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the Aarhus University (Denmark) and a Master’s degree in International Business from the Hult International Business School (USA and China). Hailing from Denmark, he also boasts credentials in big data, analytics, data science, AI.

Partisia Blockchain is excited to have Mathias Glintborg as Senior Technical Program Manager and looks forward to his contributions to our continued growth and success. His appointment marks a notable milestone in our journey toward achieving ambitious goals and sustaining our position as a frontrunner in the blockchain industry.

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