Partisia Blockchain’s MPC token available on several exchanges

ZUG, 18 MARCH 2024. Partisia Blockchain has been informed by several exchanges, such as KuCoin, Bitfinex,, MEXC, BitMart and Bitrue that they have opened deposits and the trading of Partisia Blockchain’s MPC token on their respective platforms will commence tomorrow or shortly after.

Renowned for its leadership in privacy-preserving, interoperable and sustainable blockchain solutions, Partisia Blockchain reaffirms its commitment to redefining security, trust, interoperability and reliability within the blockchain industry.

The decision by these exchanges to list Partisia Blockchain’s MPC token reflects their recognition of its unique value proposition. The MPC token is the foundation of Partisia Blockchain’s security architecture, guaranteeing the steadfastness and durability of our ecosystem as a whole. With its collateralization approach, it strengthens the network by allowing new nodes to be spun up. The simultaneous launch also underscores the token’s appeal to users prioritizing privacy and who seek active participation in shaping the future of Web 3.0.

Kurt Nielsen, President of the Partisia Blockchain, says:

“We are humbled to witness the overwhelming interest for the MPC token leading up to its launch, and we are pleased to have it on multiple exchanges. This listing reaffirms not only our position in the industry, but also the important role of our technology, which ensures trustless transaction safety without compromising on speed, scalability or interoperability. By enhancing the resilience of the blockchain ecosystem and empowering users to participate in shaping the future of the user-centric Web 3.0, the MPC token paves the way for transformative innovation.”

The collective endorsement from multiple exchanges serves as a testament to Partisia Blockchain’s prominent place within the blockchain sector, advancing not only blockchain technology, but also championing multiparty computation (MPC) technology, which enhances security in every digital transaction and realizes the Web 3.0 vision where the users are in control of their own data.

At the core of the MPC token lies the transformative MPC technology, pioneered 35 years ago by Partisia’s co-founder Professor Ivan Damgård. The MPC technology maintains data encryption in all states—ensuring the safety and usability of information while granting users complete control over their data—makes the MPC token unique, with privacy becoming all-too important in our digital present and future. The MPC token establishes a new benchmark for blockchain security, reinforcing confidence and dependability in every transaction.

In an era where privacy and security are paramount, the MPC token stands out as a beacon of trust and security, with privacy serving as its cornerstone. Within the digital assets industry, the MPC token functions as critical collateral and incentivizes active participation in network operations, with node operators reaping rewards in the form of transaction fees, Bring Your Own Coin (BYOC) and MPC ecosystem rewards.

The simultaneous listing of the MPC token on several exchanges represents a significant stride towards Partisia Blockchain’s vision of building a robust decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, Web 3.0 infrastructure and privacy-focused networks. As users learn more about the MPC token and leverage its capabilities to drive innovation, Partisia Blockchain remains committed to pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology and fostering a future where privacy, security, and interoperability fosters the next level of inclusivity and collaboration.

The terms and conditions on purchasing MPC tokens are set forth by each exchange.

About Partisia Blockchain: Partisia Blockchain is the Web 3.0 public blockchain built for trust, transparency, privacy, and fast turnaround times. Its unique combination of advanced cryptographic techniques and distributed computing principles sets it apart. By leveraging secure multiparty computation (MPC), Partisia Blockchain ensures privacy preservation without sacrificing efficiency, speed or security. Each day since 1988, Partisia is paving the way for anyone to create blockchain solutions to solve real use cases and tomorrow’s challenges – for real people. Learn more:

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