MetaNames the only name service on Partisia Blockchain

Guest blog by Parker Duncan and Giorgio Guidett, MetaNames Co-Founders.

MetaNames is a decentralized Domain Name System (DNS) built on top of the Partisia blockchain. MetaNames enables users to create human-readable domain names that are linked to Partisia addresses, smart contracts, user socials and IPFS content.

MetaNames simplifies the process of interacting with the blockchain. Instead of using long, complex hexadecimal addresses for transactions, MetaNames allows users to use short and easily recognizable domain names, just like traditional domain names on the internet.

The key benefits of MetaNames include:

  • Privacy and decentralization: MetaNames is built on top of the Partisia blockchain, which makes it not just decentralized, but also
  • preserves users privacy when linking it to your social accounts and other user-data.
  • Human-readable: MetaNames enables users to create human-readable domain names like ‘john.mpc’ or ‘mycompany.mpc’ instead of long hexadecimal addresses.
  • Interoperability: MetaNames is designed to work with the BYOC logic, allowing users to bring any coin to Partisia using their MetaName.
  • Easy to use: MetaNames is designed to be user-friendly and does not require technical knowledge to use. Users can easily create a name and link it to a Partisia address with just a few clicks.

Moreover, MetaNames brings fresh air to the NS ecosystem by leveraging Partisia features such as privacy-preserving contracts and BYOC logic:

  • Profile features: link your Web2 and social profiles, aggregate and show data without revealing sensible information.
  • Cross-chain capabilities: send funds from any supported chain to Partisia leveraging the Hermes Bridge and BYOC logic.

Check out our roadmap below:

MetaNames aims not just to provide a base and core chain infrastructure but to fully leverage Partisia Blockchain’s innovative technology to improve the current NS industry.

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