June 2023 update

The first half of 2023 has been an exciting time for Partisia Blockchain. We have achieved significant milestones and made remarkable progress in the Web3 space. As we look back on the exciting developments, we are thrilled to share our progress with our community and ecosystem partners. We integrated the BNB token into our ecosystem, launched our pricing oracle, explored the synergy between blockchain and sustainability and much more. For an overview of our accomplishments, we invite you to watch our First Half 2023 video review, where our founders give an update on the highlights and progress we have made.

The Partisia Blockchain team had the privilege of attending the renowned Crypto Valley Conference in Rotkreuz in early June. This gathering in our home canton of Zug brought together a diverse range of stakeholders, including our community, esteemed partners, and industry experts. We engaged in insightful discussions centered around emerging trends such as artificial intelligence and privacy.

Last month, our team members gathered in Copenhagen for a strategy meeting to collaborate, strategize, and plan for the rest of 2023. This meeting played a crucial role in bringing us together, aligning our goals, and fueling our drive for excellence in the upcoming months. Our founders also held a successful Quarterly Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session with our community, where we provided updates on our accomplishments during the first half of the year and the plans ahead. The AMA was a demonstration of our commitment to fostering open communication and collaboration within our growing ecosystem.

BYOC family expands further

June was full of major milestone achievements, with the BNB token now part of the BYOC family. This opens up both additional opportunities for the BNB community into our ecosystem as well as enabling the BNB dApps with our multiparty computation technology. As a part of the implementation, Bruce Ahn, our head of developer relations joined Binance in their AMA to describe what the integration is all about.

We also launched our long awaited pricing oracle for both ETH and BNB tokens. This will allow accurate pricing information for when ETH or BNB tokens are spent as gas in our chain.

Web3 activities taking off

The Partisia Blockchain community has been buzzing with excitement and activity, with various initiatives and partnerships making significant strides in the Web3 space. Let’s take a closer look at some of the major achievements and updates from our ecosystem partners.

Kin, the ad free Web3 search engine, kicked off a highly successful airdrop campaign in June. The campaign has been nothing short of remarkable, allowing Kin to reach a wide audience and introduce our project to Web3 enthusiasts around the globe. We are thrilled to see the tremendous growth in the Kin community and excited for what is next.

Another noteworthy achievement comes from Blockchain-Ads, a revolutionary advertising and data solution in the Web3 space. They have successfully deployed their groundbreaking product, the “Web3Cookie,” on the Partisia Blockchain testnet. This innovative data monetization tool empowers everyday internet users, enabling them to generate their own cookie and securely monetize their browsing data while preserving their privacy.

Empowering creator economy and record rewards

In addition to these achievements, we recently hosted our first exciting livestream on Parti.com, the first Web3 Peer-to-Peer creator economy platform. Brian Gallagher, the Co-Founder of Partisia Blockchain, took the stage and shared his insights into various topics. The livestream covered the BNB token bridge integration, zero knowledge, and decentralized social media. It was an opportunity for the community to gain valuable knowledge and test out the new Parti.com platform.

We were also delighted to announce the commencement of the on-chain distribution of rewards for the fourth quarter (March–May 2023). This quarter’s distribution is our largest to date, with a total of 1,202,224 MPC tokens being paid out to 743 wallets. The progressive nature of the rewards ensures that each quarter brings new opportunities for participants. If you are new to staking, we recommend checking out our guide and instructional video to learn how to stake and get rewarded.

Problem-solving and sustainability-driven solutions on the rise

In our ongoing commitment to innovation, Partisia Blockchain continued to shine a spotlight on our Interoperability and Scalability solutions. We explored the potential of our Interoperability solution, which enables seamless collaboration between chains, unlocking endless possibilities. Through the power of Bring Your Own Coin (BYOC), we revolutionize the way transactions are conducted across different chains. To learn more about our Interoperability solution, we invite you to read our article on the challenges in blockchain interoperability and Partisia Blockchain’s solution. Additionally, we hosted an informative Q&A discussion, where our expert team members provided valuable insights.

When it comes to scalability, we ventured into the future of blockchain scalability with our Complete Sharding solution. This cutting-edge solution harnesses the power of real-time finalization and genuine parallel processing of blocks, resulting in remarkable scalability. To gain a deeper understanding of what sets our Complete Sharding solution apart, we encouraged readers to dive into our detailed article and watch our insightful Q&A discussion.

Recognizing the significance of sustainability in the blockchain space, this month, we delved into the impact and importance of sustainable practices. We explored how blockchain technology promotes transparency, accountability, and sustainable practices, highlighting the unique approach of Partisia Blockchain. In a captivating Q&A session, we engaged with Monadi, a platform that manages sustainability data and reporting in compliance with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Together, we explored the intersection of sustainability, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors, and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The discussion shed light on how Monadi, powered by Partisia Blockchain, plans to incorporate these principles into its future sustainability initiatives.

Tech highlights of June

  • Updated Developer page,
  • Published MPC20 and MPC721 standards,
  • Extend life of ZK contract past 28 days,
  • Allow one contract to pay for another contract,
  • Look for new project sign-up announcements in July,
  • New feature updates, roadmap reviews, and smart contract examples to come.

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