July 2023 update

July has brought remarkable progress and achievements to Partisia Blockchain! We are thrilled to share the latest developments in our dynamic ecosystem. In July, we unveiled our Grants Program for the second half of 2023, empowering visionary builders in the blockchain space with up to 3 million $MPC tokens. These pioneering teams will have access to cutting-edge technology and infrastructure, unlocking new possibilities in decentralized applications. Our commitment to driving innovation goes beyond financial aid — we empower those who challenge the status quo. Join us as we explore the exciting developments in our ecosystem, reflect on our impactful presence at EthCC, and delve into the tech highlights that pave the way for a more robust and user-friendly Partisia Blockchain.

More builders on Partisia Blockchain wanted

Partisia Blockchain Foundation was thrilled to reveal our Grants Program for the second half of 2023, offering up to 3 million $MPC tokens (valued at US$1.2 million as of today) to pioneering builders in the blockchain space. We are seeking teams determined to create unique solutions that surpass current blockchain limitations. With our support, these projects will have access to cutting-edge technology and infrastructure to bring their groundbreaking ideas to life, addressing challenges previously considered impossible on other chains. Our commitment to driving innovation extends beyond financial aid, as we commit to empower teams that stand out and revolutionize the possibilities of decentralized applications. You can check out our value proposition and read the grant guidelines to apply now!

The Partisia Blockchain team was also thrilled to participate in EthCC conference in Paris in July, where we celebrated collaboration, strengthened partnerships, and reconnected with blockchain friends. Thanks to EthCC for providing a valuable platform for us to showcase our innovative technology, enabling secure collaboration while preserving privacy through advanced Multiparty Computation (MPC). We hope to see more of you next year.

As adoption is one of the main focuses for us, we kicked off a new adoptions team creation with a meeting in Aarhus. All the adoption officers were brought together to align on our strategy and goals for this year. Some of the key areas we agreed to focus on were in metrics, (number of leads from various sources, percentage of conversion, effective marketing campaigns, etc) to understand better where we are doing well and where we need to improve on.

Talking about adoptions, we are also happy to introduce another amazing project that has signed on to build on Partisia Blockchain. Veric is a credential and asset oracle running on Harmony One and they will begin to integrate Partisia Blockchain’s privacy technology to add additional functionality to their application. By adding the privacy layer, they aim to privatize details of their assets that they are looking to use for payment.

We were also honored to participate in this year’s University of Geneva “SDG Summer School”. The focus this year was “Open Source Health Solutions” and students from across the world met during three weeks on the ground and online. We had the pleasure of coaching a group of young minds looking to solve a technological problem for a healthcare company. The innovative solution the students came up with uses MPC and blockchain technologies and could have a positive impact on women’s health.

Unlocking liquidity for unvested tokens

In line with our Ecosystem Focus, we were excited to showcase SecondLane, a groundbreaking project co-founded by key players in the Web3 OTC market. Offering advanced technology and licensing expertise, SecondLane is building on Weezi empowers project teams, advisors, and investors to unlock liquidity for unvested tokens and equity, while also facilitating the discovery and trading of illiquid digital assets. Explore SecondLane’s unique features in our guest blog, and join us for an insightful Q&A discussion with Oleg Ivanov, Co-Founder of Weezi/SecondLane, to gain exclusive insights into the platform.

Roadmap on track

As we reflect on the exciting developments in July, Partisia Blockchain has been busy pushing the boundaries of our technology and infrastructure. Here are some of the key highlights from our roadmap.

  • BYOC token onboarding framework: Our payment mechanism’s unique tokenomics allows us to use tokens from other chains. We have already integrated Ethereum, Polygon USDC, and BNB into our platform, and now, we are bringing the power of onboarding tokens to the community. With the Ethereum BYOC Framework, any community developer can propose the onboarding of an ERC20 or BEP20 token running on their respective chains into the Partisia Blockchain bridge. This democratizes the control of token addition, putting it in the hands of the users.
  • Developer tools for seamless development: We recognize that strong developer support is crucial for blockchain adoption. Therefore, we have been working diligently on frameworks, contracts, and libraries that will help developers create incredible applications on our chain. Among these forthcoming tools are DEX contracts, a CLI interface for smart contract interactions, a test framework, a gas estimation tool, and documentation for interactions with governance contracts. We aim to simplify the development process, encouraging more developers to join our vibrant community.
  • Arithmetic MPC protocol: While our current MPC protocol, “REAL,” excels in binary computations, we are actively working on introducing an arithmetic protocol. This enhancement allows efficient operations on different unit types, enabling a broader range of applications with improved performance. The arithmetic protocol will complement our existing capabilities, opening new avenues for innovation.
  • Research into native bitcoin as BYOC: As we explore solutions to improve interoperability, we are researching ways to allow native Bitcoin to be used as an asset in the Partisia Blockchain. Unlike current wrapped versions that rely on custody, our approach seeks to align with the trustless ethos of public blockchains, making native Bitcoin more secure and versatile for users.
  • Smart contract improvements: Your feedback drives our continuous improvement. Based on developer inputs, we have been working on various enhancements to improve the quality and functionality of our platform. Some of these upcoming features will create new use cases for MPC tokens, enhancing the overall ecosystem.
  • Simplified node operations: We understand the importance of accessibility and user-friendliness. To make node operations more straightforward and efficient, we are implementing a simpler setup and operational process. Our “Staking 2.0” model will streamline node registration, token association, and dissociation, removing barriers and simplifying stake management.

With these exciting developments, we are paving the way for a more robust and user-friendly Partisia Blockchain. As we move forward, our team is eager to reveal more groundbreaking tech updates next month. Thanks again to our community and your continued support!

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