Strong start of the year

January marked a strong start to 2024 for Partisia Blockchain, featuring groundbreaking developments and strategic partnerships that define our dynamic journey for the year. Unveiling the revolutionary MPC On-Chain Custody Advanced (MOCCA) solution in Davos, we explored the transformative potential of MPC and delved into its pivotal role in reshaping the digital landscape. Engaging in impactful discussions during the World Economic Forum, we highlighted the importance of blockchain in rebuilding trust and announced collaborations with five innovative projects. Interviews with our thought leaders shed light on the evolving digital terrain, covering artificial intelligence discussions in Davos and the potential of Web3 and MPC. As we venture into February, exciting initiatives include the AirDrop program and a thriving Hackathon, accompanied by significant tech highlights, promising a month of continued innovation.

Introducing our MPC On-Chain Custody Advanced (MOCCA) solution

Partisia Blockchain introduced a revolutionary leap in decentralized custody solutions with the unveiling of MOCCA (MPC On-Chain Custody Advanced solution) in Davos during the World Economic Forum. MOCCA stands out for its decentralized and programmable multichain custody, offering enhanced security, compliance, and privacy. Backed by 35 years of MPC research, MOCCA addresses limitations of traditional smart contracts and centralization, providing institutions and organizations with genuine decentralization and flexibility in securing digital assets across multiple chains. Notable features include fully programmable custody smart contracts, blockchain-agnostic multichain functionality, and swift, cost-effective deployment directly on-chain.

A week of influence and innovation in Davos

Davos 2024 marked a week of unparalleled influence and innovation for Partisia Blockchain, solidifying its presence on Promenade during the World Economic Forum (WEF) for the second consecutive year. The launch of the MOCCA solution set a new industry standard, addressing infrastructure fortification, transparency, and expanded usability. Discussions in Davos focused on the pivotal role of blockchain in rebuilding trust, with an increased emphasis on regulatory landscapes, particularly Europe’s MiCA regulation and global supervisory actions. Brian Gallagher, Co-Founder of Partisia Blockchain, emphasized the importance of building decentralized trust networks, and discussions spanned cross-chain liquidity, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), stablecoins, cybersecurity priorities, and identity management. We were proud to have Shirly Valge, Chief of Growth, participate in the first-ever Women in Web3 Global Summit, connecting with visionary women leaders. Beyond more than 40 engagements, fruitful meetings resulted in letters of intent, collaborations, and agreements, making Davos 2024 a landmark event shaping the future of blockchain through regulatory advancements and technological breakthroughs, highlighting the industry’s commitment to innovation and trust-building.

Exploring the outlook for MPC in 2024 and beyond

Kurt Nielsen explored the transformative potential of multiparty computation (MPC) for 2024 in a recent blog. Partisia Blockchain envisions MPC becoming fundamental for secure, collaborative digital interactions. Key highlights include mainstream integration across industries, with a focus on finance and healthcare for safeguarding sensitive data. MPC will revolutionize decentralized identity, enhance privacy in blockchain, offer quantum-ready solutions, and accelerate innovation in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Financial sectors and healthcare research will lead MPC adoption, while DeFi expands beyond blockchain, addressing edge computing security and driving standardization initiatives.

In recent press interviews, Partisia Blockchain’s thought leaders shared valuable insights into the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Shirly Valge engaged in an insightful conversation with CoinDesk in Davos, delving into discussions where AI took center stage. As our Chief of Growth, she provided a unique perspective on the dynamic landscape. Brian Gallagher, Co-Founder of Partisia Blockchain, explored the potential of Web3 and secure multiparty computation (MPC) in an interview with the Human and Machine Channel. The discussion centered around how MPC ensures data privacy in the ever-evolving digital realm.

Our ecosystem continues to expand

This year’s first month has been a flurry of activities with new partnerships. And Davos was a perfect platform for partnerships. During the World Economic Forum, we announced new projects partnering with Partisia Blockchain.

  • HIEx: HIEx is a UN-born multi-stakeholder platform to deliver impact toward the SDGs. With Partisia Blockchain, HIEx aims to solve the issue of enabling transparency and privacy in funding and reporting.
  • Verida Wallet: A wallet solution that looks to enable a fully privatized DID, user data aggregation solution. Looking to build on top of Partisia Blockchain for a full identity solution with privacy built in.
  • DSID: Decentralized ID platform using wallet as the credential to verify identity as well as other reputation scores. The wallet will use MPC to privatize user information while computing the reputation scores.
  • Q Blockchain: Blockchain focused on DAOs, partnering with Partisia Blockchain to enable private voting. For the DAOs running in their network.

Hackathon underway and AirDrop coming up

February marks the launch of the Partisia Blockchain AirDrop program. With the upcoming governance vote for the MPC token transferability just around the corner, this is a testament for the Partisia Blockchain’s vision. The program features an impressive pool size of 25 million MPC tokens. The program offers an unparalleled opportunity for the early adopters of the Partisia Blockchain. The first tranche of the 25 million MPC token AirDrop program commencing on 1 February 2024 will kickstart the further expansion of our ecosystem. Our Hackathon is moving along well with close to one thousand participants. The end of the Hackathon is set for 13 February 2024, and judging to conclude by March. We are anticipating to see some great projects come out of it. And do not miss the Crypto Stalkers AMA this month. Tiago Serôdio is going to introduce the Crypto Stalkers community to Partisia Blockchain and will answer their questions.

BYOC portfolio now includes USDT, with more slated to join

The node operators voted in favor of onboarding USDT as a BYOC token. This now adds another stable token as a form of payment to the Partisia Blockchain network. Another proposal to expand the BYOC portfolio will be put forward this month. The node operators will be asked to vote for the inclusion of the wBTC token into the BYOC portfolio. Finally, the Partisia Blockchain team will be attending ETH Denver from 23 February until 3 March. The delegation will consist of key persons and look forward to meeting you in Colorado.

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