Introducing BYOC framework

We are proud to introduce to the community one of our major roadmap items, the BYOC framework.

Interoperability and decentralization is one of our core values of our blockchain and one of our goals is to enable anyone to harness the capabilities of MPC. This is why our BYOC architecture was created in the first place, allowing the onboarding of any liquid assets to be usable as transaction fees (gas) on our blockchain.

Until now the foundation has proposed and enabled the onboarding of ETH, Polygon USDC and BNB as forms of payment. But our long term goal always was to allow for the community to make decisions on what tokens should be enabled on our chain.

The BYOC framework will now allow for the community to propose any tokens running on the Ethereum, BNB or Polygon chains to be usable as gas payment. The proposal then will go to our validators who will then make the final vote on whether or not to onboard the token as form of payment on Partisia Blockchain.

In the coming days we will share additional details and instructions on how the community can create a proposal for a token to be enabled on Partisia Blockchain. The foundation will initially start by submitting proposals to enable both USDT and MATIC tokens, and create detailed instruction guides using these two tokens as templates to help guide the community to onboard other tokens of their choice.

We are very excited to introduce this new feature and looking forward to seeing other great tokens being introduced by the community into our bridge.