Integrating Partisia Blockchain: pioneering trust in the Digital Age

At Partisia Blockchain, our journey is guided by over 35 years of relentless dedication to encryption technology. Our Chief Cryptographer, Ivan Damgård, the mastermind behind the Merkle–Damgård Construct, which underpins renowned hash algorithms like MD5, SHA-1, and SHA-2. His groundbreaking work in the 1980s laid the foundation for secure multiparty computation (sMPC), and today, this profound expertise empowers us to champion the most advanced sMPC protocol globally.

Our mission is to redefine the very essence of trust, forging a fresh perspective on how data is employed. To bring this vision to life, we had to excel not only in sMPC but also reimagine the architecture of public blockchains.

Understanding secure multiparty computation

Secure multiparty computation is an encryption marvel that permits data computation without revealing the underlying data itself. Imagine a sophisticated dance of algorithms that enables outcomes like auctions, data analysis, voting, surveys, and random number generation without divulging the precious data within.

Revolutionizing public blockchain architecture: BYOC and complete sharding

The blockchain ecosystem grapples with two pressing challenges: interoperability and scalability. From an interoperability standpoint, every blockchain acts as a unique asset class, fueling a competitive zero-sum game mentality. Each Layer 1 blockchain claims supremacy, leading to a winner-takes-all narrative. Furthermore, users are bound to a specific blockchain, having to acquire and use that particular token as an entry ticket, reminiscent of an amusement park experience.

On the scalability front, the single-database nature of blockchains poses hurdles related to both scalability and transaction speed. Overloaded blockchains often suffer from delayed transaction confirmations and a lack of real-time efficiency.

To fulfill our visionary goals, we realized the need for a groundbreaking re-architecture of blockchain technology.

Bring your own coin (BYOC)

In an environment where blockchain networks resemble amusement parks, we introduce a paradigm shift. Rather than being confined to one park’s rides, our mission is to let anyone access our innovations, irrespective of their token holdings. We have engineered a system that embraces tokens with liquidity, allowing them to serve as transaction payments within our ecosystem. Our BYOC tokenomics foster a vibrant ecosystem where different token types can facilitate transactions, ensuring all users can harness our sMPC technology. Our native MPC token, in turn, bolsters our blockchain’s security, as node operators stake their tokens as collateral, safeguarding our network.

Complete sharding

Traditional blockchains grapple with scalability issues, impeding real-time finalization and usability during high traffic. Partisia Blockchain confronts this challenge head-on by adopting a revolutionary approach. We have re-engineered the traditional method, enabling horizontal scaling and boasting a rapid .3-second finalization time in normal conditions. Our network comprises multiple blockchains, each autonomously producing blocks, creating an unparalleled scalability model. Moreover, our unique BFT consensus mechanism ensures “speed of light” finalization. For in-depth insights into this architecture, refer to our yellow paper.

These distinctive attributes empower you to craft pioneering solutions that revolve around trust. We extend an invitation to all those seeking to enhance trust and privacy within their applications. Reach out to us, and let’s explore unique solutions to your challenges. Together, we can reshape the digital landscape and usher in a new era of trust.