Increasing efficiency and combating corruption: the power of blockchain-based bureaucracy

Guest blog from Anton Glotser, CEO of DelNorte

DelNorte is digitizing, tokenizing and monetizing bureaucratic processes. In governments and corporations bureaucracy is often time consuming, cumbersome and in the worst cases prone to corruption. Many governments and some corporations are still using the millenia-old method of pen and paper for bureaucratic processes. Our partnership with Partisia will help us modernize that process.

DelNorte solves the problem of security, transparency, frequency, efficiency, scalability, fidelity and friction. By converting physical documents to digital and storing them on the blockchain we solve about 95% of the problems associated with traditional paperwork. Not only does this greatly improve quality and security of the data, but our solution provides an unfathomable amount of ancillary benefits. Having guaranteed and secure real time data associated with physical assets, such as real estate deeds on the blockchain, makes the assets represented by these smart tokens significantly more valuable.

Working with Partisia Blockchain offers several notable benefits both for us and our clients. Partisia Blockchain utilizes cutting-edge cryptographic techniques like secure multiparty computation (MPC) to ensure that sensitive data remains confidential even while being processed on the blockchain. It addresses scalability challenges by enabling efficient computation and data processing. As we occasionally get requests for a variety of blockchains, Partisia accommodates us with their interoperability across blockchains and systems. Also dealing with governments security is a top priority for us. Partisia utilizes advanced cryptographic techniques to protect data and transactions. The last important point is our ability with Partisia to mold a variety of regulations and customization to specific use cases and business requirements.

We have contracts for pilot projects in El Salvador, Mexico and Honduras. Our most advanced and tested project is in El Salvador. There we have live transactions and are now expanding to other services like digital signatures stored on chain, and a national expansion for tokenized deeds and titles.

We also have a product called, it is a real estate search engine and marketplace that allows anyone to buy, sell, rent or invest in whole property or fractions of real estate remotely and completely legally in all of Latin America. In the places where we have a direct link to the government we can even perform 100% digital remote real estate transactions for purchase or sale, with digital NFT deeds and titles issued virtually on chain and recognized by the government as official. You can hop on a plane and buy a house mid-flight, and by the time you land in that country (El Salvador at the moment), you will already own the house.

DelNorte stock is registered and we are currently raising US$2 million for 20% of the company to fuel our national and international growth. We are in the process of expanding to about a dozen countries in Latin America but also into parts of the USA. We are expanding our tech stack and our private sector operations for automated real estate transactions. If you are interested in learning more about us or investing, please check us out on all social media at or for questions about investment email us at