February 2023 update

Hello spring!

The shortest month of the year was a time of steady progress. The first voting on blockchain being the highlight, updates to our staking tools were also February’s highlights. Team members from Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, US and the United Arab Emirates convened in Aarhus for a strategic sprint meeting. In-person gathering in Central Jutland took the pulse of the current progress to date against the roadmap, outlined the plans for the remainder of the year and finalized the near-term strategy of key functions. Stay tuned for exciting new developments and be the first to know.

Bienvenue au vote blockchain!

The first-ever voting on Partisia blockchain went live in February. The inaugural voting on our blockchain is the first of many applications of our technology. This vote showcases the untapped potential of the secure, transparent and privacy-preserving ZK technology for voting. We teamed up with the Paris Blockchain Week to power their début Awards in selecting the crème de la crème of the blockchain industry. The voting is on Parti.com, a unique social network run on our blockchain. Voting on blockchain allows users to securely vote on chain utilizing our tamper-proof technology.

Users can cast their votes for their nominee in each category, except People’s Choice Award and Prix du Jury, until 23 March 2023. The Award ceremony at the Carrousel du Louvre will take place on the last day of the Paris Blockchain Week. The Partisia Blockchain team will be in the French capital attending Europe’s largest blockchain industry gathering. We will be announcing a few things on the ground. So, rendez-vous à Paris during 21–23 March 2023!

As we welcome the spring, we will be also initiating a few community initiatives in March and rolling out various programs. We hope to involve our community regularly and host regular Q&A sessions, attend community-led meet-ups and introduce incentives. More details will come during this spring.

Version 2 of staking site

Last month, we released version 2 of our staking site. As part of the revamp, we released browser.partisiablockchain.com alongside a major change. This allows the community to stake both locked and unlocked tokens. In this release, we also updated our staking instructions and held two AMAs (instructions and reward model).

Jurisdiction management V1.0 — support for regulatory compliance

In the age of GDPR and tighter regulatory environment, we continue to show our leadership in the compliance space by launching jurisdiction management to ZK smart contracts. This allows developers control over where in the world the secret data of your contracts reside, ensuring your business can meet regulatory requirements even in the blockchain space.

Transferability of BYOC tokens available in testnet

In testnet, transferability of BYOC as well as MPC tokens are now enabled. Now you will be able to create contracts for transferring assets across accounts. You can also begin testing our unique swap capabilities on our testnet. We highly encourage all developers to try this out.

Improvements to block producers orchestration contract

In the node community news, we made improvements in the BPOC contract. Active committee members, which were dropped due to server issues during a new committee vote process, now can re-enter the committee the following month without the need for a new committee vote.

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