Demeter — MPC-as-a-Service

There are 7 proprietary innovations that deliver Partisia Blockchain’s complete Layer 1+2 Blockchain. In this blog we present the fifth innovative feature — MPC-as-a-Service — we call it Demeter.

For an overview of all of the 7 features see the Zeus blog. We present each of the 7 innovations with a unique post leading up to TGE on May 31, 2022.

Demeter — MPC-as-a-Service

The single most important contribution of the Partisia Blockchain project is to bring general privacy-preserving computation to blockchain and most notably Secure Multiparty Computation (MPC). MPC is a revolutionary technology that allows us to protect our data, not only when they are being stored or communicated, but also while they are being processed.

Using Secure Multiparty Computation, individuals and organizations can allow their private data to be used for a certain purpose, while retaining complete control over the data. One example is a new type of “data exchange” where the data owners remain in control of their data and where only the result of privacy-preserving computation is shared or exchanged. This allows citizens to participate in continuous assessment of healthcare treatment or for competing companies to share best practice for the greater good. Another example is financial markets, where private order books can be matched continuously and only matching trades executed. These are just two examples of services already developed and tested in real life — we believe that the Partisia Blockchain dApps ecosystem will reveal the true power of MPC-as-a-Service as a core part of WEB 3.0.

To be secure and efficient, MPC requires participation of multiple parties that share the computational work to be done. This avoids having to trust any single party, but also leads to practical challenges related to coordination of the computing parties and managing the communication with the data owners.

This is why the entire Partisia Blockchain is designed for secure and efficient orchestration of MPC-as-a-Service. The team behind the project has pioneered MPC and delivered commercial grade MPC since 2008. Partisia Blockchain is probably the most ambitious MPC platform and it comes with an extensive set of tools and a new set of MPC protocols called REAL. A core feature is efficient preprocessing that utilizes all the blockchain orchestration of many nodes to the fullest extent to speed up realtime use of MPC. We call this Demeter MPC-as-a-Service and claim that we set a new standard for how to conduct any type of privacy-preserving computations within and beyond the blockchain ecosystem.

For more details, please checkout the yellow paper, software documentation and the Medium blogs.

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