Davos 2024: Securing digital identity

Welcome to our rundown of the final day at Davos! We have had a packed schedule this week during the World Economic Forum (WEF). Over the last four days we have attended more than 45 sessions and events, launched our very own MOCCA (MPC On-Chain Custody Advanced) solution at a keynote address, and participated in a panel on cross-chain liquidity.

Without further ado, here are today’s themes and highlights:

  • Participation in a Web3 and digital identity panel
  • The importance of infrastructure
  • Security, security, security

Our Chief of Growth, Shirly Valge, took the stage. This time she featured on a panel on Web3 and digital identity (dID)—a topic very close to our hearts. Panelists touched on user data control, fraud, and compatibility issues between various eID, dID and SSI systems. Shirly highlighted our recent eID minimum viable product (MVP) for the Swiss government, a decentralized self-sovereign identity solution that uses multiparty computation (MPC) on the blockchain to enable data privacy, security, and control. The panel also highlighted the growing need for self-sovereign identities and the necessity for the governments to ensure the utmost security of individuals’ private data.

A main thread throughout today and during the entirety of Davos has been infrastructure. The sentiment was that, fundamentally, there must be a focus on infrastructure if we want to make transacting easier, cheaper, and more efficient in the Metaverse or Web3. With blockchain as the “pipes” and smart contracts to help direct traffic we have technology that can potentially serve multiple user needs—which brings us to the next theme.

Security was prominent today and in most sessions throughout the week, whether implicitly or explicitly. Today, it was security in Bitcoin mining, digital identity, and in the Web3 venture landscape. As an essential part of trust, a key theme of WEF, the feeling in Davos was more of a question: how can technology facilitate trust? To that end, discussions, both in sessions and in person, focused on solutions that specifically balance scalability, usability, interoperability with digital security and privacy.

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