Conference thoughts: Part 4

During the month of September 2023, I will be traveling to a few conferences, and doing a few speaking engagements. As a part of the conference going, I will be providing a few thoughts on what I have seen, people and projects I have met and the changes and trends emerging in the last year or so in the industry.


From Zug, I traveled south to not only take part in the first large Web3 conference in Milan, but also the privilege to take part in a panel discussion about DAOs. This felt more like a standard Web3 conference with a lot of your usual projects. And the theme was similar, with ZK, DAOs, offramp/onramp and a few DeFi projects. And everyone I spoke with knew or heard about MPC.

The panel was about DAO governance, where we discussed a range of topics including leadership, legal frameworks and of course, the need for privacy. It was enlightening to hear about how DAO’s were maturing. I was honored to be included in quite a list of distinguished panelists, with lawyers, researchers and the BD from MIDAO (Marshall Island DAO).

I also got a chance to meet with one of our projects building on our chain, MetaNames. They are building a naming service on our chain, allowing for the name to support all BYOC assets and not just MPC. With them very close to launching in mainnet, it was the perfect time to discuss next steps.

This wrapped up my conference tours for the month of September. It will be good to get back to my desk and begin exploring the leads we were able to find and also get back to actually getting some work done!

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