November 2023 update

November 2023 update

November has been another busy month as we prepare ourselves to wrap up a successful year. This month featured our monumental rebranding – the #NewPartisiaBlockchain, a groundbreaking partnership revolutionizing Swiss digital ID management, the launch of our first dApp on the Partsia mainnet, our inaugural online hackathon, and key highlights from prominent industry events. Explore how we are shaping the future of privacy-driven blockchain solutions and more.

Welcome to the new Partisia Blockchain branding

Partisia Blockchain has undergone a monumental transformation, unveiling a fresh brand identity signaling a pivotal moment in its history. Our rebrand signifies more than a visual overhaul—it is a testament to our commitment to revolutionize enterprise blockchain and individual privacy.

Our revamped website is your gateway to a reimagined experience. Explore sections dedicated to ecosystem projects, embodying our focus on privacy-conscious innovation. The new logo symbolizes our commitment to people-centric innovation, emphasizing transparency, accessibility and human empowerment at the core. This refreshed brand identity underscores our mission to prioritize real-world adoption through practical applications, attracting interest across sectors like government, healthcare, and finance.

We invite developers, enterprises, and the community to explore our expanding ecosystem, experiencing firsthand the transformative potential of MPC technology in shaping the future of privacy-driven blockchain solutions. We encourage you to check out the #NewPartisiaBlockchain on our website and share your thoughts with us, as your feedback is invaluable in shaping our journey toward a more inclusive and impactful blockchain ecosystem.

Partisia Blockchain set to transform the Swiss digital ID management

Partisia Blockchain and HES-SO Valais-Wallis are poised to transform the management of digital identities for Swiss citizens. This partnership aims to develop a decentralized electronic identity system in line with the Swiss Federal Council’s commitment to data privacy and security.

This effort is a significant leap toward redefining digital identity management in Switzerland, and aims to empower individuals with control over their personal data, ensuring a future where privacy and security are not compromised. The primary objective is to define the architecture for a self-sovereign identity (SSI)-based electronic identity (e-ID), creating a minimum viable product (MVP) and seamlessly integrating it into a public administration portal.

The SSI solution empowers citizens by enabling them to wield credentials issued by public administrations in mobile applications, offering the autonomy to select the data they disclose when accessing services.

First dApp on Partisia mainnet is live and our hackathon

A dApp is live in Partisia Blockchain! We were excited to announce and introduce Blockchain-Ads as the first dApp to go live in mainnet. A unique application empowering users to own their personal data and allowing the monetization of it through MPC. You can read more about them here, or even better, install their “Web3 Cookie“.

We announced the launch of our first online hackathon, challenging all developers to build differently on Web3. Running for two months, we are excited to see what developers will come up with using our unique infrastructure. Share the news with developers that you think are looking for a new challenge.

Key November events

We recently joined Blockchain Association Singapore and showcased our technology in a curated invitation only event. More details of the event can be found here. While in Singapore, we also took part and sponsored the PET Summit. We had a chance to meet with industry experts and participate in roundtables and a panel discussion to demonstrate our expertise in privacy enhancing technologies. In addition, we connected with some leads, watch the video recap here.

A lot of potential synergies were discussed at the Cardano Summit 2023 in Dubai. We met our friends from the Cardano Foundation and EMURGO. Partisia Blockchain and Partisia teams established mutually beneficial touch points, which hopefully will result in something tangible. Stay tuned for more.

On the first weekend of November the political and business worlds gathered in the French capital for the sixth Paris Peace Forum. At the Forum, we spoke with senior officials and executives, establishing new relationships and discussing the potential of blockchain and MPC technologies. Partisia Blockchain was the only blockchain invited to attend. We were also thrilled to be in Stockholm at the Web3 Is Happening event last month with Google Cloud and ChromaWay. Shirly Valge nailed it on the panel talking about the search for the next killer app in Web3.

New bridge is live

We announced the launch of our new bridge interface. All functionality is moving into the Partisia Browser and the new bridge function was launched. Please find more details here. In December 2023, will include voting for MATIC, USDT and wBTC tokens to be added to the BYOC bridge. More to come!

Partisia Blockchain dApp Playground launched

In November 2023, we introduced the Partisia Blockchain dApp Playground, a robust toolset for developing, deploying and debugging smart contracts on Partisia Blockchain. Designed for both public and private ZK smart contracts, Playground seamlessly accommodates developers’ needs for both public and private MPC computation on testnet and mainnet. It includes challenges and guides to get started fast. And with two frontends included, it is easy to visualize interactions with the contracts of your web application. With a one-click frictionless setup process, it offers a versatile and intuitive GitHub Codespace suitable for beginners and professionals. Elevate your blockchain development experience with the Partisia Blockchain dApp Playground!

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October 2023 update

October 2023 update

As the year is slowly approaching its end, the Partisia Blockchain team met in Aarhus, Denmark, to take stock and laser focus near-term plans. Throughout a week-long strategy meeting in the heart of Jutland, key actions were identified for the last quarter of this year and the first three months of 2024. With many plans in sight, the next three months promise to be busy.

New faces of the team

As progress in the year continues, Partisia Blockchain is thrilled to introduce some new faces to our team, which promises exciting changes in October and November 2023.

Welcoming Shirly Valge — expanding partnerships

We are delighted to introduce Shirly Valge as our new Head of External Relations and Partnerships. With an impressive background that includes a significant role at Velas Network, Shirly brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team. Her primary focus will be on strengthening our partnership network, elevating our industry presence, and nurturing strategic alliances. This appointment underscores our ongoing commitment to leadership excellence and talent acquisition.

Introducing Mathias Glintborg — leading technical program management

Say hello to Mathias Glintborg, who now heads our Technical Program Management as the Senior Technical Program Manager. Mathias, formerly the CTO at canow in Tokyo, comes with a proven track record of shaping innovative blockchain solutions. His responsibilities encompass overseeing secure multiparty computation (MPC) and enhancing blockchain solutions for areas like DeFi, data sharing, and digital identity. He also offers valuable insights on design and architecture to our development teams. Mathias plays a pivotal role in ensuring efficient project planning and execution.

As we look ahead, November promises more remarkable additions to our team and exciting community initiatives. The journey of Partisia Blockchain is ever-evolving, so stay tuned!

Conference circuit of October

Let’s dive into a whirlwind of exciting events that took place this month:

CV Summit — A networking experience

Our journey started at CV Summit in Zug, Switzerland, which offered a unique networking experience. This event, different from the others we have attended, saw participation from well-established organizations. It was a testament to the industry’s maturity as we witnessed a shift from asset-driven ecosystems to real-world problem-solving. As partners of CV Labs, we secured a booth and connected with potential leads in supply chain, DAOs, and NFT-based property deeds management.

EthMilan — Embracing Web3

Heading south to EthMilan in Lombardy, Bruce Ahn our Head of Developer Relations participated in the first major Web3 conference and joined a panel discussion on DAOs. This felt like a great Web3 conference, highlighting ZK, DAOs, DeFi projects, and the importance of privacy. It was enlightening to witness the maturation of DAOs and explore the need for privacy in the space.

D3 Bahamas — Shirly shines

Our new Head of External Relations and Partnerships, Shirly Valge, excelled on a panel discussing institutional Web3 adoption. She shared valuable insights on how large financial institutions can embrace blockchain-based technology.

Web3 MeshMeet in Dubai — Bridging crypto minds

Sponsored by Partisia Blockchain, the Web3 MeshMeet event in Dubai was an opportunity to connect with industry leaders and foster crypto partnerships. Thanks to all the sponsors and those who joined us!

NexTech — Meeting the Cardano community

Chief Product Officer, Mark Bundgaard, and VP of Engineering, Jesper Gravgaard, had a fantastic meetup with the Cardano community in Japan. They were excited to discuss the ADA token bridge, MPC, and Partisia Blockchain’s future.

European Blockchain Convention — Shaping the future

Mathias Glintborg attended the European Blockchain Convention in Barcelona, a celebration of Web3 innovation. It was heartening to see industry experts appreciating our contributions to privacy-enhancing technologies and blockchain infrastructure. The convention featured enlightening talks on topics such as privacy, secure infrastructure, Real World Assets (RWA), digital identity, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles, and interoperability.


We held another successful Quarterly AMA on 9 October 2023. The leadership team discussed the latest developments and shared exclusive insights including details on our Metamask integration. Catch the replay of our Quarterly AMA on our YouTube channel and stay tuned on our channels for the next one!

Our first dApp is launching soon on Partisia Blockchain! Blockchain Ads is the first dApp to launch on mainnet in Partisia Blockchain. Click here to learn more about them and in the coming weeks we will provide more information on how to get onboarded and be rewarded for your data.

We are also participating in multiple events this month! From Cardano Summit in Dubai to PET Summit in Singapore to our online hackathon, which will be launched with DevPost, we have a packed schedule coming up in November. There is more in store so keep up to date with announcements in our social channels.

On the project front, we announced DelNorte that is working with multiple governments in Latin America and is now building on Partisia Blockchain. Learn more about them here on our Medium article and a video interview with the founder

Ambassador Program enhancements

The month of November is an important date for Partisia Blockchain Ambassadors. After meeting all the necessary regulatory requirements, the Partisia Blockchain Foundation is now able to distribute rewards to Ambassadors for their contributions to the advancement of our mission.

A lot of foundational groundwork has also been executed that will position the Partisia Blockchain’s Ambassador Program as the most advanced in its class.

The Ambassador Program, while technically still in the private alpha stage, is intended to transition to a public beta around Q2 2024. Stay tuned for more updates.

Tech updates in brief:

This month

  • PBC Wallet updated to a new version.

Next month

  • Our Node Operators will vote on adding USDT and MATIC token will be onboarded using our BYOC framework.
  • Bridging functionality will be added to our browser.
  • The vote for the 2% MPC token rewards tax to node operators will be voted upon this month.

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September 2023 update

September 2023 update

In September 2023, Partisia Blockchain made history with the launch of our revolutionary MetaMask integration, MetaMask Snaps, unlocking endless possibilities for over 100 million users. Alongside this milestone, we are excited to announce the onboarding of USDT and MATIC to our BYOC framework. In the community, Tiago Serôdio’s contributions to CoinTelegraph have been invaluable, and we have enhanced our Hivemind Huddles for a better experience. Our journey through Korea Blockchain Week and Token2049 in Singapore brought promising leads and partnership opportunities, while our Co-Founder Brian Gallagher delivered a compelling speech at IoTex’s side event. Stay tuned for more tech highlights from the team and further groundbreaking developments!

Partisia Blockchain’s pioneering integration with MetaMask

Last September marked a pivotal moment for Partisia Blockchain as we proudly introduced our MetaMask integration, MetaMask Snaps, ushering in a new era of possibilities for over 100 million users. This game-changing integration offers seamless transaction signing and paves the way for innovative cross-blockchain solutions, such as BYOC and MPC-as-a-service. Developers can now directly connect with their users, while millions can access our innovations securely. We are extremely excited about the potential this integration unlocks, so be sure to stay tuned for more developments.

For our ongoing work with the BYOC framework and onboarding additional tokens into our ecosystem, the Foundation will propose both USDT and MATIC as the first two tokens to get onboarded to the Hermes bridge through the BYOC framework. As a part of the onboarding, we will also create detailed instructions on how you as the community can also create proposals to onboard new tokens you wish to see on Partisia Blockchain.

Tiago Serôdio, Head of Community, made significant contributions in September. He published a noteworthy article on CoinTelegraph and contributed three expert panel commentaries, one of which highlighted MPC as a DID option for Proof-of-Humanity. In his writings, Tiago delved into blockchain explorers, the impact of CBDCs in the crypto space, and the promising potential of #MPC in self-sovereign identity, all featured in CoinTelegraph.

Community engagement takes a new shape

Responding to valuable feedback from our community members, we have reimagined our Hivemind Huddle experience. To make it more accessible and engaging, we have moved all Hivemind Huddles to On 22 September 2023, we hosted our first one on the platform. We delved into the world of MetaMask Snaps and their significance. Bruce Ahn, our Head of Developer Relations, shared his experiences and insights from Korea Blockchain Week, Token 2049, and more.

Korea Blockchain Week — building for privacy with passion

During our week of events at Korea Blockchain Week, we immersed ourselves in various activities, attending multiple side events, engaging in speaking opportunities (thanks to H.E.R. DAO), and collaborating with our Korean Ambassadors. Together, we championed the cause of privacy-driven innovation using Partisia Blockchain. Notably, we observed the absence of Layer 1 (L1) blockchains, indicative of the current market. On the bright side, there was a sizable increase in zero knowledge events, signaling a shift in the industry. These developments highlighted the growing recognition of interoperability in the blockchain space. The event also resulted in promising leads and partnership opportunities, especially in areas such as DID/SSI solutions, gaming, and ZKP technology.

Token2049 — increasing footprint in Singapore’s blockchain landscape

Our Token2049 visit offered an exciting glimpse into a city state known for its unique mix of cultures. The event-packed week showcased Singapore’s vibrant blockchain landscape with daily highlights. At Eth Singapore, we explored potential collaborations with various projects and discussed future prospects. Decompute, a dedicated MPC conference, demonstrated the growing emphasis on privacy solutions in blockchain, with mentions of Partisia Blockchain’s preprocessing method. We were proud sponsors of IoTex’s side event, where our Co-Founder Brian Gallagher delivered a compelling speech, presenting our interoperability model. We also took the opportunity to tease our future announcements. Token2049’s bustling main conference floor revealed a thriving blockchain space, with themes centered on ZKP, interoperability, NFTs, and service providers. This event generated a wealth of promising leads that we are eager to follow up on in the coming months.

New leads and record rewards

We have continued to see a large number of leads come in for the month of September, largely due to our participation in KBW and Token2049. While the lead numbers will fluctuate month by month, we feel this will continue with our additional participation in going to conferences in the future.

In total, 1,690,626.9629 MPC tokens will be paid out in rewards, almost 500,000 MPC more than the previous quarter. This is our largest quarterly distribution to date.

Exciting October plans

We are thrilled to announce our participation and sponsorship in this year’s CV Summit, taking place in the picturesque Swiss town of Zug on 3–4 October 2023. This event is a premier gathering for blockchain and crypto enthusiasts, and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the action! At CV Summit, we are not just attending; we are taking center stage to showcase our groundbreaking Partisia Blockchain technology. This is your chance to witness firsthand how our innovative blockchain solutions are shaping the future of the industry. But that’s not all. We are also using this incredible platform to connect with potential partners, strengthen relationships with existing ones, and exchange insights with thought leaders in the field. It is an opportunity to be part of the conversation that is shaping the blockchain landscape. So, mark your calendars for 3–4 October 2023, and make your way to Zug to join us at CV Summit. Come meet Hinrich Pfeifer, Bakyt Azimkanov, Tiago Serôdio and Bruce Ahn at the event. Let’s forge new connections, explore fresh opportunities, and together, make the blockchain world a better place.

We have been working with a hackathon vendor to begin our second hackathon later this year. This will be an online hackathon, partnering with a large hackathon vendor to help increase both visibility to the project as well as onboard additional developers into our community. We are excited about having a few projects coming into mainnet very soon. We expect to see at least two apps going live in October. We will be announcing them soon with guides on how you can get engaged.

Looking ahead, we have some exciting events lined up for the community. In October, we will host our Q3 Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session with the Founders. We will share significant updates on our ongoing developments. Additionally, keep an eye out for an upcoming AMA featuring the first dApp set to deploy on our mainnet.

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