June 2024 update

June 2024 update

June marked a successful close to Q2 for Partisia Blockchain, filled with strategic collaborations, exciting platform launches and insightful community interactions. Highlights include HIEx’s Vorne platform launch, our successful AirDrop Program and the release of our comprehensive DeFi guide. Stay tuned as we recap key events, share our latest innovations and look ahead to impactful partnerships and initiatives in July.

Strategic collaborations and platform launches

This month, our highlight was the launch of HIEx’s Vorne.ai platform. The world’s first blockchain-based social impact funding platform launched with fanfare during the 77th World Health Assembly in Geneva. The platform aims to address one of the main drawbacks of donations which is the reporting of what your donation actually impacted. Look for the platform being highlighted in the 25th IAS conference in Munich in July! We also announced the launch of StakingRewards.com, a platform that lists many of the top tier networks and their staking rewards. Go check out their website to see how we compare to other chains and stake.

zkCross Network, our DeFi partner, also launched their on-ramp platform, enabling more than fiat currencies to be able to purchase Partisia Blockchain’s BYOC tokens. In the future, look for the integration to enable people to be able to buy MPC tokens directly using a credit card, Google Pay and Apple Wallet. Month of June was full of launches, with CV Pad supporting Partisia Blockchain and helping to fund teams building on top of our chain. Alongside CV Pads, we also announced Moonrig’s grant to build the world’s first crypto asset analytics platform, with accredited research analysts reviewing the various crypto assets in a more structured and professional way.

Partisia Blockchain’s AirDrop Program update

The first tranche of Partisia Blockchain’s highly anticipated 25 million MPC token AirDrop Program has ended. We are pleased to see the heightened interest in the Partisia Blockchain AirDrop Program. The next tranche—already in the works—will help power our DeFi suite of solutions. Participants, who keep their tokens bridged on Partisia Blockchain, will benefit from an early qualifying criteria for the second tranche of the 25 million MPC token AirDrop Program. During the second tranche, planned for 2024, dApps and projects scaling DeFi solutions will be deployed on mainnet and expand the scope of new use cases.

Spotlight on Shirly Valge: Crypto Valley Conference

Our Chief of Growth, Shirly Valge, led an insightful workshop at the Crypto Valley Conference in Zug, Switzerland, on 6 June 2024, captivating the audience with her expertise. In her session, “Integrating Privacy and Compliance,” she delved into the innovative solutions Partisia Blockchain is developing including how we are pioneering privacy-enhancing technologies while ensuring regulatory compliance. We extend our gratitude to the Crypto Valley Conference for having us and look forward to future collaborations.

Press highlights: Podcast with Mathias Glintborg and Mark Bundgaard

Our Head of Product, Mathias Glintborg, recently joined an enlightening podcast episode hosted by Concordium in collaboration with Novo Nordisk. This discussion delves into the intricacies of blockchain product development, offering valuable insights from industry leaders. It’s a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of blockchain. Catch up here. Meanwhile, Chief Product Officer, Mark Bundgaard, joined Anca Petre for an engaging conversation on the transformative impact of Partisia Blockchain in the healthcare sector. In this episode, Mark explores our Layer 1 blockchain architecture, explains the nuances of multiparty computation (MPC), and highlights what makes us stand out in the blockchain world. Listen here.

Zealy competition outcome

Our first Zealy competition has been a tremendous success. In June, we were thrilled to share the winners, and we extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated and supported our project. We saw an impressive 5,029 Zealy members sign up, with a total of 30,489 quest claims completed. A total of 50,000 $MPC tokens in rewards were distributed to our community. Read the full announcement on our Discord.

Q8 staking rewards update

The Q8 rewards for our stakers were released in June, distributing one of our largest rewards yet—over 2.7 million $MPC tokens to more than 1300 wallet addresses. Don’t miss out on a 53% APR; stake your tokens today.

Five levels of Partisia Blockchain

Understanding blockchain does not have to be difficult. That is why we have created a series of videos that explain Partisia Blockchain in a fun and engaging way for everyone, from kids to Web3 experts. Watch the first 3 levels presented by Maria Cocu, Bakyt Azimkanov, and Bruce Ahn. Stay tuned on our socials for more!

Launching our in-depth DeFi Guide

Our new DeFi guide is now live. This detailed walkthrough provides a deep dive into low-level interfaces of decentralized finance, covering everything from interacting with smart contracts to building scalable decentralized exchanges (DEXes) using our Scalable Automated Market Maker (AMM) framework. We encourage development teams to leverage this guide to create user-friendly DeFi applications on top of these foundational contracts. Whether you’re a seasoned blockchain developer or just starting out, our guide offers the essential tools and knowledge to succeed in the dynamic world of decentralized finance.

Community AMA highlights

The community is at the heart of every Web3 project, and the same goes for Partisia Blockchain. On 26 June 2024, we hosted a Twitter Spaces event to answer the community’s most pressing questions. Co-Founders Peter Frandersen, Kurt Nielsen and Brian Gallagher participated, discussing upcoming plans, our new DeFi strategy, RWA and AI, as well as the dealflow of new projects (spoiler alert: we are seeing significant growth!). Here is the recorded Twitter Spaces session.

Join us at the 25th International AIDS Society event

On 22-24 July 2024, Partisia Blockchain will attend the 25th annual International AIDS Society event in Munich, working with notable organizations, such as Social Equation Hub, GNP+ and the Elton John Foundation to help raise funds to combat the HIV virus. The platform that will support the event will be none other than Vorne.ai. See you in Bavaria!

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May 2024 update

May 2024 update

The last month of spring was busy as the plans for the second half of the year started taking shape. Team members convened in Aarhus for a strategic workshop. In-person gathering in Central Jutland took the pulse of the current progress to date against the roadmap, outlined the plans for expanding our service offerings with key focuses on DeFi and RWA (real world assets) solutions. Stay tuned for exciting new developments and be the first to know.

Partisia Blockchain’s impact at the 77th World Health Assembly

The Partisia Blockchain team enjoyed several days of networking and collaboration at the 77th World Health Assembly in Geneva. Our community learned more about our innovative solutions for healthcare access, discussing how Partisia Blockchain is advancing SDG3 and supporting this year’s theme, “All for Health, Health for All.”

Co-Founder Peter Frandsen demonstrated the impact of Partisia Blockchain in bringing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to life during his keynote on leveraging blockchain for healthcare access. He also engaged with local press, addressing questions on the intersection of blockchain, innovation, and healthcare, highlighting how Partisia Blockchain is driving transformative solutions in the healthcare sector.

Bruce Ahn, Chief Success Officer, moderated an insightful panel on blockchain’s role in healthcare, wellness, and social impact at WHA77. The discussion highlighted innovative solutions and their potential to transform global health.

Partisia Blockchain in BlockSplit and Next Block Expo

The Partisia Blockchain team recently made a significant impact at BlockSplit in Croatia. Our dynamic duo, Shirly Valge and Maria Cocu, were present to share the exciting developments on our horizon. The event provided an invaluable opportunity for days of networking with Web3 startups, developers, researchers, investors, designers, and other innovators from around the globe.

Our Chief of Growth, Shirly Valge, captivated the audience with a powerful keynote on why privacy is needed in Web3 in the growing trend of GDPR and data protection. Her inspiring insights shed light on the crucial role of privacy in the evolving landscape of blockchain technology.

Last but not least, the team was in Warsaw to attend the Next Block Expo, where Shirly took stage to highlight the privacy, interoperability and scalability of blockchains to future-proof the industry. The team also met with our Polish node operators, community members and discussed future ventures with potential partners.

Integrating privacy and compliance at Crypto Valley Conference

Mark your calendars for 6-7 June 2024. Our Chief of Growth, Shirly Valge, will be at the prestigious Crypto Valley Conference. On Thursday 6 June at 14:00, Shirly will host an insightful workshop focused on integrating privacy and compliance in the blockchain space. This session promises to be a must-attend event for anyone interested in the intersection of privacy, compliance, and innovative blockchain solutions. Stay tuned for more details on our social media.

Kurt Nielsen on $MPC token and projects updates

Partisia Pulse is back! Kurt Nielsen, President of Partisia Blockchain, is featured in the latest edition of this series. Following the launch of the $MPC token, the community has been eager to know what is next. And he was crystal clear: expanding the ecosystem with DeFi and RWA-oriented projects is the target for the rest of the year. “There is more work being done in the background, but these two will be the focus for 2024,” says Kurt in the video. Watch the latest episode here.

Monadi launched their initial testnet version with their mainnet coming in June. Monadi helps companies stay compliant with CSRD regulations by using multiparty computation to compute on company executives’ salaries by gender to ensure they are fair without exposing their individual salaries. Come check them out here.

IDSign received a grant to be the first team to onboard MOCCA (MPC On-Chain Custody Advanced solution) as a solution to protect and provide a customizable custody solution to encrypted documents.  MOCCA is not just a custody solution for crypto assets, but all types of digital asset and IDSign is showing the world you can have a decentralized solution for all types of custody challenges.

AirDrop updates and what’s to come

We were thrilled to see remarkable growth in our AirDrop program throughout May. The community’s participation and enthusiasm have been incredible. Make sure to check out the leaderboard to see where you stand and keep bridging your EVM tokens through the zkCross bridge to climb higher. Exciting rewards await those who stay active and engaged.

Another $MPC rewards quarter is coming to a close. We will distribute more reward tokens to our stakers in June, our largest to date. $MPC2.7 million tokens will be distributed to our stakers who are putting their token to work by securing the network. Learn how your tokens are put to work to secure the world’s data with this quick video.

zkCrossDEX will be launching phase 2 of their project. Their on-ramp system supporting more than 200 fiat currencies alongside their DEX supporting BYOC and MPC20 tokens will be launching mid to end of June. Look for new MPC20 tokens to begin appearing on the DEX soon after the launch.

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April 2024 update

April 2024 update

In April 2024, Partisia Blockchain achieved significant milestones, including forging partnerships with TPC Ventures and announcing our integration of the $MPC token on StakingRewards.com. We were also proud to announce our membership with the Swiss Blockchain Federation and our Ledger integration with the Partisia Blockchain app. Our presence at various events across the globe this month, such as the TEAMZ Web3 Summit and Token2049, showcased our commitment to innovation and collaboration. Let’s explore our ecosystem updates and key features in the press.

Partisia Blockchain teams up with TPC Ventures, StakingRewards.com, Moonrig

This month we announced our partnership with TPC Ventures, a player in the Web3 space, offering venture capital, development, and consulting services. Teaming up with Sensei Node, TPC Ventures brings a wealth of expertise to the table, providing professional validation and adoption services to bolster our network.

StakingRewards.com, a platform dedicated to collecting, ranking, and simplifying the staking process for various protocols, is now integrating the $MPC token. This integration aims to streamline the staking process and spotlight our unique rewarding structure. With over 200,000 monthly visitors, their platform offers a prime opportunity to reach a broader audience and showcase our rewarding model.

Additionally, Moonrig, a platform aspiring to become the leading rating agency in the digital currency industry, is striving to recruit credible research analysts to conduct deeper financial analysis of digital currencies. This endeavor promises to offer better insights to retail investors and contributes significantly to legitimizing the industry. This collaboration marks another significant step towards widespread adoption and recognition.

Partisia Blockchain now integrates with Ledger devices

Now, you can seamlessly access the Partisia Blockchain app on Ledger devices, thanks to the successful completion of the Kudelski audit in March 2024. With Partisia Blockchain’s inclusion in the Ledger App catalog and support on Ledger hardware devices, MPC token holders can securely store, send, and stake their tokens. This collaboration brings together the cutting-edge security of Ledger, a leading hardware wallet provider, with the functionality of Partisia Blockchain, offering users unparalleled peace of mind and convenience. Get started with our easy-to-follow instructions here.

Partisia Blockchain joins the Swiss Blockchain Federation

It is with great pride that we share our membership with the Swiss Blockchain Federation. This prestigious membership marks a significant step for Partisia Blockchain as we join forces with other industry leaders to solidify Switzerland’s position as a global blockchain hub. Together, we are committed to fostering a robust legal framework and innovation in the blockchain space.

From Tokyo to Tallinn and from Dubai to Ibiza: a busy event month

The Partisia Blockchain team had an eventful week in Dubai, navigating through challenging weather conditions. At Token2049’s Restaking and Infra Day, Bruce Ahn, Head of Adoption, delivered two presentations. He introduced the BYOC blockchain and the programmable custody solution (MOCCA), emphasizing the significance of programmability and interoperability for Web3’s success. Bruce highlighted how these innovations are pivotal in shaping the future landscape of blockchain technology. At the TEAMZ Web3 Summit in Tokyo, our community engaged with the Partisia Blockchain team. Kurt Nielsen, Partisia Blockchain’s President, took center stage, shedding light on Real World Assets (RWA), blockchain adoption, and more in his keynote. Tokyo witnessed insightful discussions throughout the event, including an RWA panel hosted by EMURGO and engaging dialogues spanning various topics. In Estonia, Shirly Valge, Chief of Growth at Partisia Blockchain, recently took the stage at the Banana Conf (formerly NFT Tallinn) to delve deep into key blockchain topics. She led a panel discussion on the transformative power of blockchain in supply chain connectivity, exploring themes such as real-world asset tokenization, and shared invaluable insights on data privacy and artificial intelligence. Ibiza Tech Forum 2024 where the future of technology unfolds against the backdrop of the vibrant Balearic island, was also an event to remember in April 2024. Amidst the bustling atmosphere, global leaders and tech enthusiasts converged, including the Partisia Blockchain team. Shirly Valge took the stage to deliver a keynote on AI and the critical role of Privacy Enhancing Technology, while Maria Cocu, our Community Growth and Engagement Associate, immersed herself in discussions revolving around community expansion and engagement enhancement strategies. Balearic Islands served as the perfect setting for meaningful connections and cutting-edge insights into the tech landscape. Stay tuned for next month as Shirly Valge will be delivering a keynote and workshop at Block Split in Dalmatia during 27–30 May 2024.

Partisia Blockchain featured in key press

Last April witnessed an uptick in publicity with Partisia Blockchain being mentioned in more than a thousand media outlets. A few highlights include Japanese Asahi TV’s news segment focusing on Web3’s growing importance in Japan and featuring our team members at the TEAMZ Web3 Summit in Tokyo. Our co-founder Brian Gallagher delved into the DeFi trends with Mario Nawfal on X Spaces broadcast. Elsewhere Cointelegraph ran a feature on Partisia Blockchain’s differentiators and solutions it offers and it published a piece on our Grants Program. In another television news segment, Denmark’s TV2 interviewed one of our co-founders Peter Frandsen. The Danish television reportage highlights the importance of data security, the Scandinavian country’s efforts in safeguarding against cyberthreats amid ongoing geopolitical volatility and the need for the data security infrastructure. Also in Denmark, the Aarhus University ran a video featurette about multiparty computation with commentary from Ivan Damgård and Peter Frandsen.

Ecosystem update: Enhancing interoperability with wBTC integration

In April, we announced that wBTC will be added as a supported BYOC token on our platform. This integration is a significant step forward in enhancing interoperability within the Partisia Blockchain ecosystem. With wBTC support, users will enjoy seamless gas payments and expanded functionality, opening up new possibilities for decentralized finance and asset management.

zkCross Network Phase 1 live and AirDrop

Phase 1 of the zkCross Network is now live! zkCross, a zero-knowledge-based DEX, has been launched on Partisia Blockchain, paving the way for a seamless cross-chain collateralized DeFi protocol. This initial phase of the launch facilitates asset swapping and bridging into Partisia Blockchain’s BYOC network, with Phase 2 scheduled for early June. Phase 2 will see the rollout of a full-fledged native DEX on our network. For more details on this exciting announcement, read further here. Our AirDrop program is steadily progressing, with additional assets being bridged into the network. Throughout April, we witnessed a steady growth in Total Value Locked (TVL), accompanied by an increase in staked $MPC, bridged assets, and wallet counts. As we look ahead, we anticipate further growth catalyzed by the launch of zkCross and other dApps aimed at fostering increased activity within the chain.

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