BYOC framework intro and high level instructions

As explained in our BYOC documentation, Partisia Blockchain (PBC) has a multi-chain solution where gas for transaction in PBC is paid using external coins. To help developers add additional tokens into the chain, we have a framework that allows anyone who meets the requirements to add other tokens as a bridgeable asset and include them into the payment system. This document’s aim is to provide instructions on how you can add other tokens into the Partisia Blockchain ecosystem.

Currently the framework supports any tokens that run under Ethereum, Polygon or BNB chain. As other L1 chains get added, other tokens will become available under the BYOC Framework.


  • The proposer must hold 10,000 MPC tokens
  • 2/3rd vote from PBC block producing node operators
  • Contract in either Eth, Polygon or BNB chain
  • Contract in PBC network


  • Remember that node operators will get compensated for the token being onboarded and used.
  • If the contract is not verified properly and confirmed that it conforms to the template, it can potentially do malicious activities such as draining the new tokens from oracle nodes, etc.

High level instructions:

  1. The requester must hold at least 10,000 MPC tokens staked to their wallet. It will not be used but rather shows that you are a PBC contributor.
  2. You need to get 2/3rd approval from the Node Operator. Partisia Blockchain Foundation’s Developer Relations team will assist in making the announcement and help drive the vote. Send your request to “”.
  3. Once node operator consensus is achieved, you need to deploy the contract in the asset chain and also in PBC. You can find the template code here —
  4. Once contracts are deployed, Node Operators have seven days to vote for your contract. If the vote passes, the contract will be live.
  5. PBC will then assist in adding the new token into the bridge UI.

In the coming weeks we will provide additional guides and videos to walk you through the process, for both the node operators and the proposer. We hope this article will help you begin to consider what tokens you would like to onboard as payment.