Building privacy in Web3 powered by Partisia’s MPC

Our hackathon is live: Take part in building privacy in Web3

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking hackathon, Building privacy in Web3 powered by Partisia’s MPC. This exciting event brings together innovators, creators and tech enthusiasts to collaborate on solutions that prioritize privacy, security and ethical data practices.

Tech for wider good

At the heart of our hackathon is the belief in technology for the greater good. The solutions birthed from our hackathon will not only revolutionize data security, but also serve the world by adhering to the highest ethical standards. Each innovation contributes to positive societal impact, empowering the next generation of data security experts. We are committed to showcasing how these solutions address privacy concerns and shield individuals from harmful activities, such as data theft. Moreover, these showcases will later fuel educational workshops and webinars, sharing insights for a safer digital future.

Join us in using the power of technology for good. Be part of the movement, amplify the message and let’s build a more secure Web3 together.

Link to apply:

Submission deadline: 30 January 2024
Winner announcement: 13 February 2024

Do not forget to tag us and use these hashtags: #BuildingPrivacyInWeb3 #PartisiaBlockchain #MPC

Stay tuned for more updates as we highlight participating teams and showcase the incredible innovations shaping the future of privacy in Web3.

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