Partisia Blockchain grants DAT to build privacy-preserving data security and compliance solutions

Partisia Blockchain grants DAT to build privacy-preserving data security and compliance solutions

ZUG, 9 JULY 2024. Partisia Blockchain grants the Digital Assets Technologies (DAT) AG. to launch a platform designed to tackle critical data security and privacy issues. Tailored for auditors and blockchain organizations, the DAT’s platform will be a robust mechanism for proving asset ownership while ensuring privacy and compliance.

Traditional data transmission methods are increasingly inadequate, often leading to security breaches and undermining transaction integrity. This vulnerability affects not only auditors and blockchain organizations but also poses significant risks to Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs), banks and end consumers. The Partisia Blockchain-supported DAT solution will address these challenges by offering a secure, privacy-preserving environment for transaction and asset verification.

The Partisia Blockchain-backed DAT platform will be designed to balance the need for transparent audits with the right to privacy in digital transactions. This approach ensures data can be shared and verified in a manner that meets modern privacy expectations and compliance regulations, making it essential for financial institutions and end-users.

The DAT solution will combine advanced technology with industry expertise to deliver features tailored for blockchain entities and financial auditors:

  • Employee key monitoring: Tracks key custodianship and wallet balances within single- and multisig wallets, ensuring clear oversight of digital asset management.
  • Wallet ownership proofs and attestations: Provides irrefutable evidence of asset ownership and control of private keys, essential for internal revisions and financial audits.
  • Transaction and limit policy monitoring: Ensures each transaction adheres to authorized policies and regulations, adding compliance oversight.
  • On-chain compliance rule-engine: Automates compliance checks directly on the blockchain for real-time assurance.
  • Compliance reporting: Streamlines reporting to align with regulatory demands and internal risk management.
  • Risk matrix for exchange and marketmaker: Assesses and mitigates risks associated with crypto exchanges and market-making activities.
  • Multi-wallet integration and balance reporting: Manages and reports across multiple wallets to maintain asset distribution oversight.

The Partisia Blockchain-supported offering’s security architecture prioritizes privacy and security without sacrificing usability, featuring:

  • Zero-knowledge computing: Ensures only necessary data is revealed during audits, preserving transaction privacy.
  • Multiparty computation (MPC): Performs computations on encrypted data, ensuring sensitive information remains concealed.
  • Data encryption at rest: Maintains data confidentiality against unauthorized access and breaches.
  • Provable trust framework: Guarantees no access to clients’ sensitive data, bolstering stakeholder confidence.
  • Audit trail and transparency: Provides a transparent, tamper-evident log for accountability and regulatory examinations.

The DAT’s solution will uphold strict standards, aligning with ISO 27001 and SOC 2 frameworks to deliver a robust compliance posture. This suite of features ensures that the offering meets today’s market and regulatory requirements and can adapt and scale to future demands.

About Partisia Blockchain: Partisia Blockchain brings unparalleled opportunities by empowering privacy-preserving, interoperable and sustainable innovation for fairness and transparency. It fuels the most secure and efficient networks to solve global problems. Distilled with 35 years of rigorous research, Partisia Blockchain future-proofs solutions, solves tomorrow’s challenges by powering fair, secure, distribution of benefits. While preserving privacy and confidentiality, it brings accountable, transparent and decentralized governance. Learn more:

About Digital Assets Technologies (DAT) AG.: Digital Assets Technologies (DAT) AG offers secure, privacy-focused SaaS solutions for CPAs, financial auditors and digital asset companies. Created by seasoned blockchain experts, the platform revolutionizes accounting, financial audits and travel rule compliance with top-tier security and regulatory adherence. Learn more:

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June 2024 update

June 2024 update

June marked a successful close to Q2 for Partisia Blockchain, filled with strategic collaborations, exciting platform launches and insightful community interactions. Highlights include HIEx’s Vorne platform launch, our successful AirDrop Program and the release of our comprehensive DeFi guide. Stay tuned as we recap key events, share our latest innovations and look ahead to impactful partnerships and initiatives in July.

Strategic collaborations and platform launches

This month, our highlight was the launch of HIEx’s platform. The world’s first blockchain-based social impact funding platform launched with fanfare during the 77th World Health Assembly in Geneva. The platform aims to address one of the main drawbacks of donations which is the reporting of what your donation actually impacted. Look for the platform being highlighted in the 25th IAS conference in Munich in July! We also announced the launch of, a platform that lists many of the top tier networks and their staking rewards. Go check out their website to see how we compare to other chains and stake.

zkCross Network, our DeFi partner, also launched their on-ramp platform, enabling more than fiat currencies to be able to purchase Partisia Blockchain’s BYOC tokens. In the future, look for the integration to enable people to be able to buy MPC tokens directly using a credit card, Google Pay and Apple Wallet. Month of June was full of launches, with CV Pad supporting Partisia Blockchain and helping to fund teams building on top of our chain. Alongside CV Pads, we also announced Moonrig’s grant to build the world’s first crypto asset analytics platform, with accredited research analysts reviewing the various crypto assets in a more structured and professional way.

Partisia Blockchain’s AirDrop Program update

The first tranche of Partisia Blockchain’s highly anticipated 25 million MPC token AirDrop Program has ended. We are pleased to see the heightened interest in the Partisia Blockchain AirDrop Program. The next tranche—already in the works—will help power our DeFi suite of solutions. Participants, who keep their tokens bridged on Partisia Blockchain, will benefit from an early qualifying criteria for the second tranche of the 25 million MPC token AirDrop Program. During the second tranche, planned for 2024, dApps and projects scaling DeFi solutions will be deployed on mainnet and expand the scope of new use cases.

Spotlight on Shirly Valge: Crypto Valley Conference

Our Chief of Growth, Shirly Valge, led an insightful workshop at the Crypto Valley Conference in Zug, Switzerland, on 6 June 2024, captivating the audience with her expertise. In her session, “Integrating Privacy and Compliance,” she delved into the innovative solutions Partisia Blockchain is developing including how we are pioneering privacy-enhancing technologies while ensuring regulatory compliance. We extend our gratitude to the Crypto Valley Conference for having us and look forward to future collaborations.

Press highlights: Podcast with Mathias Glintborg and Mark Bundgaard

Our Head of Product, Mathias Glintborg, recently joined an enlightening podcast episode hosted by Concordium in collaboration with Novo Nordisk. This discussion delves into the intricacies of blockchain product development, offering valuable insights from industry leaders. It’s a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of blockchain. Catch up here. Meanwhile, Chief Product Officer, Mark Bundgaard, joined Anca Petre for an engaging conversation on the transformative impact of Partisia Blockchain in the healthcare sector. In this episode, Mark explores our Layer 1 blockchain architecture, explains the nuances of multiparty computation (MPC), and highlights what makes us stand out in the blockchain world. Listen here.

Zealy competition outcome

Our first Zealy competition has been a tremendous success. In June, we were thrilled to share the winners, and we extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated and supported our project. We saw an impressive 5,029 Zealy members sign up, with a total of 30,489 quest claims completed. A total of 50,000 $MPC tokens in rewards were distributed to our community. Read the full announcement on our Discord.

Q8 staking rewards update

The Q8 rewards for our stakers were released in June, distributing one of our largest rewards yet—over 2.7 million $MPC tokens to more than 1300 wallet addresses. Don’t miss out on a 53% APR; stake your tokens today.

Five levels of Partisia Blockchain

Understanding blockchain does not have to be difficult. That is why we have created a series of videos that explain Partisia Blockchain in a fun and engaging way for everyone, from kids to Web3 experts. Watch the first 3 levels presented by Maria Cocu, Bakyt Azimkanov, and Bruce Ahn. Stay tuned on our socials for more!

Launching our in-depth DeFi Guide

Our new DeFi guide is now live. This detailed walkthrough provides a deep dive into low-level interfaces of decentralized finance, covering everything from interacting with smart contracts to building scalable decentralized exchanges (DEXes) using our Scalable Automated Market Maker (AMM) framework. We encourage development teams to leverage this guide to create user-friendly DeFi applications on top of these foundational contracts. Whether you’re a seasoned blockchain developer or just starting out, our guide offers the essential tools and knowledge to succeed in the dynamic world of decentralized finance.

Community AMA highlights

The community is at the heart of every Web3 project, and the same goes for Partisia Blockchain. On 26 June 2024, we hosted a Twitter Spaces event to answer the community’s most pressing questions. Co-Founders Peter Frandersen, Kurt Nielsen and Brian Gallagher participated, discussing upcoming plans, our new DeFi strategy, RWA and AI, as well as the dealflow of new projects (spoiler alert: we are seeing significant growth!). Here is the recorded Twitter Spaces session.

Join us at the 25th International AIDS Society event

On 22-24 July 2024, Partisia Blockchain will attend the 25th annual International AIDS Society event in Munich, working with notable organizations, such as Social Equation Hub, GNP+ and the Elton John Foundation to help raise funds to combat the HIV virus. The platform that will support the event will be none other than See you in Bavaria!

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Recap of June AMA with Co-Founders

Recap of June AMA with Co-Founders

Missed our live Twitter Spaces with the Partisia Blockchain Co-Founders? Fear not, here is the recap of one of our most awaited AMA sessions with Peter Frandsen, Brian Gallagher and Kurt Nielsen.

Kurt: We are focusing on DeFi and Real-World Assets (RWA) with a touch of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Web3 space needs to grow beyond its current user base. This requires expanding into new areas and addressing regulations and compliance, which Partisia Blockchain is well-equipped to handle.

Peter: We are moving from technology development to building solutions by creating standards and templates for DID, NFT and RWA, making it easier to develop products on our platform.

Brian: We have been working on, a SocialFi platform that combines decentralized finance with a creator platform, eliminating the middleman. Users get a Partisia Blockchain wallet for identification.

Questions and answers

1. What new marketing strategies are you considering implementing? How do you evaluate the effectiveness of your current strategies on the token price and the onboarding of new applications?

Brian: We are shifting our focus from technology development to product marketing, particularly in DeFi and RWA. We are also expanding our presence in the Asian market. Collaborating with high-profile key opinion leaders (KOLs) on platforms, like Telegram and YouTube, has been key. Over 60 Tier 1 KOLs and more than 200 lower-tier KOLs have helped distribute and create content about Partisia Blockchain. Our follower count has grown by nearly 30,000 (13%), Medium subscribers by almost 150% and our Discord community by nearly 130%.

2. How do you plan to attract new projects to increase utility? What are your thoughts on the potential benefits and drawbacks of attracting projects with varying levels of interest?

Kurt: We aim at high-quality projects and work with them to ensure proper adoption. Our mainnet supports all types of Web3 projects, focusing on DeFi and RWA. We are also working on high-profile projects in advertising, gaming, AI and confidential data management. Since January 2024, we have launched six projects on mainnet, have 20 projects in development, and added more than 300 leads to our funnel.

3. In what ways do meetings in locations, such as Ibiza and Split, contribute to securing partnerships and project signings?

Kurt: Conferences and industry meetings are crucial for securing partnerships. The TEAMZ and Nordic Blockchain Conferences allowed us to discuss our strategic direction in RWA and DID. The WHA and HIEx events exposed new audiences to blockchain’s value. Token2049 brought in many new leads.

4. How can you provide more precise details about your plans to reassure the community about Partisia Blockchain’s future?

Kurt: We are building the most advanced blockchain infrastructure. Our smart contract templates address issues like front-running while complying with regulations such as MiCA.

5. Can you explain the process and considerations behind the communication of the listings? How do you plan to keep the community better informed in the future?

Brian: Compliance considerations are crucial for exchange listings. We have communicated launch days in a compliant manner and plan more AMAs and interviews.

6. What information can you provide about the timeline for the conclusion of the AirDrop?

Peter: The first part of the AirDrop has ended, and we are moving to the claiming phase. Exact dates for the next phase are not available yet, as I am not doing it all by myself.

7. How does the roadmap support DeFi?

Kurt: A new landing page will soon present our DeFi package, including on-chain custody (MOCCA), DID solutions and an AMM solution.

8. Do you have any plans on improving access to information about upcoming AirDrops, such as providing a calendar or adding a referral system?

Peter: We will improve communication around AirDrops, utilizing more AirDrop sites and ensuring information is relayed to the community.

9. Is Partisia Blockchain planning on increasing media engagement through influencer videos on platforms, like YouTube, or is the team using other methods?

Brian: Yes, we plan to increase media engagement through influencer videos on platforms like YouTube.

10. How do you assess the market performance of the token since its launch? What reflections do you have on the initial public sale pricing of 40¢?

Brian: Our token is a utility token for running nodes. We cannot comment on prices of tokens, but I can say that we focus on its use and adoption in DeFi.

11. What are the most significant challenges Partisia Blockchain faces in onboarding new dApps?

Kurt: We can only talk about some projects, and we update regularly wherever we can. But at a high level, we have an extensive pipeline built and feel that the adoption is moving in the right direction.

12. What do you think about the team’s pivot towards new product-market fits, such as Real-World Assets (RWA) and artificial intelligence (AI)?

Kurt: We are focusing on AI by creating transparency in data used for training models and ensuring confidential use of this data. Additionally, we are integrating AI with Decentralized Identification (DID) to keep user preferences hidden while allowing AI to make decisions on their behalf.

13. How is Partisia Blockchain bringing United Nations’ SDG goals to life?

Peter: Partisia Blockchain is actively working on multiple projects, including a solution for the International Committee of the Red Cross and the implementation of eIDAS, the European standard for DID. Further details will be announced as these initiatives progress.

A recording of this session is available on Partisia Blockchain’s official X (Twitter) account. A special thank you to the community members that provided us with these questions. We look forward to answering the rest of them in our upcoming AMAs. 

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