August 2023 update

August has been a busy month of success! Let’s dive into this month’s Partisia Blockchain update, exploring various industries to showcase the flexibility and transformative potential of blockchain and multiparty computation (MPC). From revolutionizing government processes with transparency and security to redefining data-sharing in marketing and advertising, while prioritizing privacy, our solutions continue to drive innovation.

The healthcare sector witnesses privacy-preserved collaboration and supply chain efficiency, while logistics embraces streamlined supply chain management through blockchain and MPC integration. In the community sphere, we have explored Self-Sovereign Identity’s (SSI) elevated privacy with MPC and tackled GDPR compliance through anonymization. The spotlight on Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) broadened our understanding of blockchain possibilities. We hosted an insightful MPC Advantages Q&A session, and our dynamic community engaged in a Web3 marketing discussion — Hivemind Huddles.

Technical advancements include operational smart contracts for DID and verifiable credentials, BYOC framework deployment, and browser updates. As we power ahead, we eagerly anticipate unveiling the BYOC framework in more detail and introducing even more streamlined management features. Stay updated with another month of innovation and progress!

Industry transformation enabled by Partisia Blockchain’s solutions

In this month’s recap, we have explored our Industry Spotlight and how Partisia Blockchain’s solutions benefit diverse sectors, including Government, Marketing and Advertising, Healthcare and Logistics. Our journey through these industries showcases the versatile applications of blockchain and Multiparty Computation (MPC), each tailored to address specific challenges while upholding privacy, security and efficiency.

Within the domain of government, Partisia Blockchain envisions transformative solutions that embrace the principles of transparency, security and efficiency. By harnessing the power of blockchain and multiparty computation (MPC), bureaucratic processes can be streamlined while maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive information. Initiatives, such as DelNorte and E-Trusty, exemplify how blockchain can enhance trust in public institutions, create transparency in public tenders, and uphold privacy in CBDCs and blockchain-based voting systems.

In the dynamic landscape of marketing and advertising, Partisia Blockchain revolutionizes data-sharing models. With our privacy-first approach and secure MPC technology, users gain ownership and control over their data. The combination of blockchain and MPC empowers data analytics companies to compute on encrypted data without compromising its privacy, rewarding users for data contribution, ensuring real-time data access, and maintaining transparency. Partisia Blockchain bridges the gap between consumer privacy concerns and data-driven marketing strategies.

In the domain of healthcare, Partisia Blockchain leads the charge in preserving privacy while fostering collaboration and innovation. Our MPC technology introduces secure data analysis without exposing raw information. In the realm of DNA sequencing, Partisia Blockchain ensures the security of genetic data. In clinical research, MPC empowers cross-institutional studies while safeguarding patient privacy. Supply chain management witnesses a transformation, enabling stakeholders to manage complex supply networks without revealing proprietary information. In clinical trial recruitment, MPC facilitates efficient participant matching while upholding data security and privacy. Partisia Blockchain redefines healthcare through the lens of privacy, security, and collaboration.

Lastly, we explored the impact of our solution on the logistics industry, envisioning a streamlined future where blockchain and multiparty computation (MPC) converge to enhance supply chain management. By integrating QR codes with tokenized product representations, we facilitated instant information access and reduced confusion. Blockchain’s transparent touchpoints improved logistics and supply chain transparency, while smart contracts automated processes and adapted to evolving documentation requirements. In the realm of quality assurance, we harnessed MPC and blockchain to digitize supply chains, ensuring privacy preservation and selective data access. Our solutions streamline documentation, upheld compliance with GxP regulations, and heighten efficiency throughout the supply chain, ultimately paving the way for a resilient and transparent industry transformation.

Collaborative community conversations and exploring privacy enhancing technologies

In this month’s community update, we highlighted the transformative impact of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and Digital ID solutions within today’s dynamic data landscape. Partisia Blockchain’s MPC technology introduces an innovative dimension to SSI, elevating privacy levels and unveiling novel business models. Crucial to the foundation of digital identity, Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and verifiable credentials empowered users with data control capabilities. Expanding the horizons of SSI, multiparty computation (MPC) enabled confidential data analytics and versatile multi-functional applications.

Additionally, Partisia Blockchain discovered its vital role in facilitating GDPR compliance through the strategic application of multiparty computation (MPC) technology. The utilization of MPC ensured the anonymization of personal data, allowing for uninterrupted data collection while maintaining privacy. This decentralized MPC approach elevates data security and control, in alignment with the access and erasure rights mandated by GDPR. Additionally, our groundbreaking jurisdiction management v1.0 provides an innovative solution for geographically aligned data processing, effectively safeguarding data rights and privacy. As the significance of data privacy continues to grow, Partisia Blockchain remains at the forefront, pioneering technological solutions that enhance privacy, security, and adherence to regulatory standards.

Continuing our exploration of innovative developments, this month, we delved into Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) and their impact on the blockchain landscape. At the core of any blockchain lies the concept of consensus without reliance on a central authority. Programmable blockchains have opened the door to a realm of possibilities, with applications categorized into three types: public input-public output, private input-public output, and private input-private output.

To provide a better understanding of the topic, we held a special MPC Advantages Q&A session, featuring Partisia Blockchain’s Principal Architect Emil Orloff, Cryptographic Scientist Anders Dalskov, and Head of Developer Relations Bruce Ahn. This insightful session delved into what MPC is, and how we differ from other privacy and MPC-based blockchains. To learn more about this topic and where Partisia Blockchain fits in, check out our blog post and comparison chart here.

On 10 August 2023, our vibrant community came together once again for an engaging Hivemind Huddle. This interactive session delved into the realm of Web3 marketing, exploring both the broader landscape and Partisia Blockchain’s unique strategies. Our conversation spanned across past successes like PR efforts, conferences, and media coverage, while also delving into intriguing future prospects (without divulging specifics). It was a great conversation where the community contributed with great ideas, some of which will be directly implemented through the Ambassador Program.

DelNorte, the latest project integrated into the Partisia Blockchain ecosystem, achieved a significant milestone in the past week. It successfully completed the initial transactions for its inaugural real estate deed pilot project, in collaboration with the El Salvadoran government. Additionally, DelNorte has three more pilot projects in the pipeline, each partnering with different governments. This achievement marks a crucial step forward, with El Salvador’s participation serving as the pioneering proof of concept for these initiatives.

Veric has achieved significant advancements, successfully implementing fully operational smart contracts for DID and verifiable credentials on the testnet. The team is currently enhancing privacy features and making necessary preparations for the upcoming mainnet launch, including the facilitation of user onboarding processes.

Progress is being made to our next BYOC asset, Cardano’s ADA token. Currently work is ongoing and we hope to introduce ADA as a BYOC asset in the future.

We increased the number of leads for partnership in the month of August. We are busy working through them and akin to the two we mentioned above, we hope to continue this trend and be able to show the continued interest on our chain.

Upcoming rewards

We deployed the code to support one of our flagship roadmap items, the BYOC framework. Soon we will introduce this feature in more detail with instructions on how you can submit a token to be a bridgeable asset in Partisia Blockchain.

We have also been busy with updates to our browser to include transaction details, indexing and the ability to deploy contracts. Work is not done however and we will continue to push updates to both migrate functionality currently in the dashboard as well as other key features and functions to ease management of your tokens.

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