Partisia Blockchain 25 million MPC AirDrop.

Join the 25 million MPC token AirDrop program to boost the Partisia Blockchain ecosystem

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min bridgeable amount $2.5

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Total users: 21,370

Staked MPC tokens: 71,251,368

(Updated every 24 hours based on the data from Partiscan)

How to participate


Bridge to Partisia Blockchain

• Go to the Bridge and sign-in. (Guide: How to install MPC Wallet).
• Bridge your token with “interact”, then “Deposit”. For stablecoins, you must approve first, then deposit. (Guide: How to bridge using MetaMask Snap).



• Bridge, transfer tokens and hold in your account.
• Interact with the ecosystem: deploy contract using DApp playground, mint domain names on Meta Names, download Web3 cookies on Blockchain-Ads.
• More dApps are coming.


Join our community

• Join our Discord and engage with the community in the AirDrop Program channel.
• Follow our social media channels.

MPC AirDrop Program

Partisia Blockchain offers trust, transparency, privacy, and speed-of-light finalization. It is a pioneering technology that redefines how we approach privacy and scalability on the blockchain. What sets Partisia Blockchain apart is its unique combination of advanced cryptographic techniques and distributed computing principles. By leveraging secure multiparty computation (MPC), Partisia Blockchain ensures privacy preservation without sacrificing efficiency or security.

BYOC stands for “Bring Your Own Coin”. It is a unique tokenomics where the gas payments on Partisia Blockchain is paid using other liquid coins like ETH and USDT from Ethereum, BNB from BNB Chain, MATIC and USDC from Polygon.

You will need a MetaMask wallet to bridge your token into Partisia Blockchain. To interact with the tokens once bridged, you can use a combination of site and MetaMask Snaps or the MPC Wallet.

The MPC token is the native token of the Partisia Blockchain. These tokens are used for staking and bootstrapping the ecosystem with MPC tokens as rewards.

In December 2023, four listing venues have either completed or are in the final stages of technical integration with the Partisia Blockchain. The MPC token is one step away from being listed once the MPC token transferability is enabled. This step is a crucial milestone in the Partisia Blockchain journey. Furthermore, several other listing venues have initiated the integration process. The collaboration with these exchanges underscores the growing interest and recognition of the value that Partisia Blockchain and the MPC token bring to the market. While the final decision to list completely lies with the venues, all efforts towards an optimal listing in 2024 are underway.