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Partisia Blockchain allows users to compute all kinds of data while maintaining complete data privacy at rest, in transit, and in use.

Our digital lives run on data. We leave hundreds of digital traces every day through our computers, mobile phones, and smart appliances. This data forms a profile of us—our “digital shadows”. But how can we ensure our digital shadows remain accurate and—most importantly—private? At work, how can we share commercially sensitive information with third parties and ensure it remains secure?

Today, legislation and security software strive to protect us. But these are partial solutions. Each represents a single point of failure. When they fail, they lead to the massive data breaches we often hear about in the media. These shortcomings are a source of friction for seamless information sharing and realizing the digital economy’s full potential.

Partisia Blockchain offers the solution—complete data privacy
at rest, in transit, and in use.

Partisia Blockchain use cases

Allow advertisers to serve you personalized ads without tracking you across the internet.

Port sensitive data—like passwords and IDs—between organizations without revealing it.

Receive allocations in matching markets—like university placements, social housing, or organ donation—while keeping personal details private.

Select opponents through confidential and random draws.

Share your medical history with clinicians and researchers safely and anonymously.

Move and spend Bitcoin across blockchains.

Receive personal and private search results without sharing your browsing history.

Raise the alarm without revealing your identity.

Coordinate demand response on electricity markets confidentially.

Share genetic information with researchers privately.

Operate decentralized finance across blockchains.

Run fair and anonymous auctions in all kinds of markets—from radio bandwidth to NFTs.

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Partisia Blockchain is a pioneering technology that redefines privacy and scalability on the blockchain, built for trust, transparency, privacy, and speed-of-light finalization. Discover how to leverage this unique technology to build market-beating applications.

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